A British woman convicted of smuggling hundreds of painkiller tablets into Egypt…


A British woman convicted of smuggling hundreds of painkiller tablets into Egypt is “on the verge of a mental breakdown”, her sister tells the BBC.



  1. Its not like she purchased some Nurofen though is it? Tramadol is a controlled drug in the UK and requires a prescription – she would have gained them illegally in this country, so would have been aware that there would be a potential issue with customs.

  2. Wait one sec – she was smuggling controlled substances into a foreign country. Has she never seen “Midnight Express”? This is serious stuff, whether she was well intended or not. Had the medical community in Egypt deemed narcotic painkillers to be necessary I’m sure that would have happened. It was not up to her to subvert their efforts and provide his temporary relief.

  3. So a friend gave them to her (illegal in the UK, unless they are prescribed to YOU by a Dr as it’s a Class C drug) to give to her fella (again, even if they were hers it would be illegal for her to pass them on to someone else). Whether in the UK or Egypt, she was still breaking the law!

  4. Ok if she didn’t know Tramadol was illegal in Egypt, you could maybe class it as a mistake if it was a packet and she didn’t go there often. But it’s nearly 300 tablets and seems to go there regularly, so doesn’t look like a mistake.

  5. If she got 3 years for a box of over the counter stuff, piss off. But she had over 300 of the things is my understanding. You can get the death sentence in some countries for that, and 300 pills here in Canada even is likely to net several years. She choose to mule, this is her problem. Why do people feel they and their families deserve to get away with crime now that we have social media to cry to?

  6. “ she doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke…..”
    She just smuggle drugs into foreigner countries…. that’s her hobby!😂😂😂😂😂

    I’m pretty sure after 3 years in Egyptian jail, this “ kind lady” will learn that smuggling 300 pills is not ok!! Specially in the Middle East!
    Actually she’s very lucky and the Egyptian government very kind!! here in Saudi Arabia she would’ve taken the death penalty.

  7. She wasn’t sentenced for being kind. She was sentenced for breaking the law. It is a shame but you have to respect the laws of that country. If you don’t know what the laws are in a country you are visiting, it is best to look them up BEFORE you get there. It is hard to feel sorry for this girl when the laws are available to view online ahead of the trip.

  8. I took tramadol to Spain last year as I suffer with gall stones. I literally took 1 for each day of my holiday, took them in the original prescribed box and got a cover letter from my gp. Anyone with an ounce of sense would know to cover your back when it comes to controlled drugs.

  9. My husband is on pills for heart condition including tramadol at times we always check countries rules before traveling and take his prescription with us with prescribing Dr’s name on it, and that’s never more than a week or twos worth, very silly thing to do especially as the drugs weren’t prescribed to her or person she was taking them for.

  10. She broke a law and her family is complaining that she’s being punished under that law. This entitled attitude is what is wrong with people these days. The rules don’t apply to me mentality is getting out of hand. This is only a small example but it’s a sign of a much larger reality. The way this story is told, the girl knew she was taking drugs that were illegal in Egypt. She didn’t do this by mistake, she did it on purpose.

  11. Incredulous ! Enter a foreign country intentionally breaking the law and actually feel hard done by AND the family justify it ! HELLO people – wake up you do not control the world you have to abide by others rules regulations laws traditions etc

  12. We travelled to the USA when my husband was prescribed Tramadol, guess what we checked with the relevant authorities to see what the rules were, there’s no excuse nowadays for not getting the correct information, but 300 of them???

  13. Crocodile tears there. You’re sister not only broke the law in a foreign country she has also cheated the NHS out of 300 tablets. the NHS is on it’s knees at the moment but you’re sister didn’t think about the sick people here who needs medical attention and can’t get it because there is no money. her Gp needs to bee looked at as well, why is he supplying medication to someone who obviously doesn’t need it? is he just a bad doctor or does he not give a s***? there are a lot of questions to be asked and i hope the home secretary(When you ask him to appeal it) takes in to consideration that you’re sister basically stole from the NHS. She got what she deserves.

  14. she was being kind?! 😂 her sister is either dumb or playing dumb.. woman was smuggling 300 pain killer pills that she must have known were illegal.. she’s lucky she got 3 years and not the death penalty like in other countries..

  15. Ignorance of the law unfortunately isn’t a defense. 300!!! That’s an insane amount of painkillers and completely absurd to think that taking them across a border wouldn’t land you in hot water. Egypt has access to painkiller that her boyfriend could have availed himself off. Oh and “what has she done to deserve 3 years in prison”, she trafficked drugs. The fact that she’s your sister doesn’t exempt her for the ramifications of being a drug mule 🙄


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