9th Assembly: Orji Kalu, Ndume, Bago, Others Shun APC Last-minute Meeting | Saha…


9th Assembly: Orji Kalu, Ndume, Bago, Others Shun APC Last-minute Meeting | Sahara Reporters

Adams Oshiomhole, disclosed that one of the leading contenders for speakership position, Mrs Nkeiru Onyejeocha had dropped her ambition to support Gbajabiamila.

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  1. Ndume is a though and rugged man. Even though I love his courage and insistence on becoming the 9th Assembly Senate President, but he has just lost it. Pls be ready to work and cooperate with Lawan!

  2. I sincerely don’t know why am crying, Is it for Nigeria,? is it for SARAKI? Is it for Ndume whom they said he is for Boko Haram? Or is it for the will of God to be done in the National Assembly? Jehovah I don’t know why my spirit is troubled , may your will be done. Please annoint any of the contestant that will do thy will in JESUS name.

  3. nigerians should kick against yes sir, yes sir senate president, if we must move our dead nation forward, democracy is all about competition without competition there is nothing like democracy

  4. Though they may gather, may the reason for their gathering scatter by FIRE……….
    Hardline Miyetti Allah style of of politics is devoid of FREEDOM.
    They want to seize our freedom of expression, freedom of association,
    freedom of the press,
    freedom of our social life for colonial system etc.

  5. Are these people true APC members or ghosts in APC? These people that are not loyal to their political party, that do not believe in party supremacy cannot be trusted. It is good as we are showing whom they are, people like these cannot get my vote in future even if APC give anyone of them ticket to contest at the national level.

  6. People kept saying APC should not allow wat played out in 2015 to repeat itself. The likes of the ACN & CPC bloc of the APC are just greedy.. U came into power in 2015, d CPC took d Presidency, d ACN to the vise, common sense & reasoning should have let them know that the NPDP should hold senate presidency.. Whether u agree or not, those NPDP made APC strong & were very instrumental to its victory in 2015 but greed from d bloc of CPC & ACN never allowed them to reason well and they are blaming Saraki. Is Tinubu et al the only ones with ambition & interest in the party? Nobody should blame Saraki but blame d greed from d ACN & CPC bloc


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