You may now kiss the Bride Lol


You may now kiss the Bride Lol



  1. 14 Feb. Valentine day
    14 Feb. Ash Wednesday
    14 Feb. Real Mad. vs PSG
    14 Feb. Chelsea vs Barcelona
    Babes let’s just forget this day.*
    😭😭😭😍 It’s for men only 😂😂😂

  2. Nawa oo someone will jez pull somboriz jaw of in d name of kissing,dude was still posing for camera..lolzzz…e dey like diz for kissing if d guy come enta za oza room…so help me God..
    Meanwhile oga gossip mill be ready to ansa God qustnz dat day coz they way u are committing sin on sundays and dragging us into it surprise say we go beat craze comot ur body if we jam ourslvs der….#am going to heaven sha

  3. Lol! Some women Dey love Sha oo and untop that Love, them ready to do anything or go through anything with that lucky man.

    And Na dis Kian men wey dey rush kiss like this Na im dey cum quick pass.

  4. Because Africans kiss their wife only on Weeding days from then

    2.30am hallo baby lets do it .. how can you kiss her during this time the atomic In her mouth is heated and ready to bomb😂

  5. Many people are haters, may God bless you and heal your hatred. I don’t see any reason of hating one another. Be happy for him and bless them instead of disgusting Comments. I wish them God’s blessings and marriage of full happiness!!

  6. Even in my dating I haven’t kiss my bae like diz..
    This man has turn to be suction machine n if care is not taken, her intestine is bound to ooze out due to that terrible kiss.

  7. Damn let that couple live!! People have slot of hateful comments this is supposed to be about love and that is what I see, I see a newly wed couple excited about starting their lives together and expressing love for one another. This was my husband and I on our special day, our guests were like wow it’s like y’all waited a lifetime to do that huh 😂😂. It was more like a movie kiss with us though very sensual but looooong lol. I see nothing wrong here haters carry on…….

  8. This is my country senegal.the day of ur wedding ,you can start kissing your wife publicaly.after kissing her you will make love with her for the first time with her.but if blood don’t come out from the woman, you will devorce her at the following day.thats the the weman must be very careful, to don’t do any meastake before getting married.

  9. Yeah, finally the video is out… If anyone knows the man’s house tell him her wife wedding pictures Is out just don’t know the address of their house in Kano street… A big thanks to gossip mill to help me upload their wedding video.. This will be the last job I will did for Aboki man, Aboki stuff too they stressful, kissing like Goat wan swallow mango


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