Woman Catches Hey Boyfriend With Another Girl Publicly Disgraces Him, Forces Him…


Woman Catches Hey Boyfriend With Another Girl Publicly Disgraces Him, Forces Him To Take Off All The Clothes She Bought Him



  1. the guy sef na werey
    one being a cheat two being a guy standing wit one leg only……see how dem don give am public embarrassment and tomorrow he still gonna be like…..babyyy ama buy the world for you

    boo wey no fit even cloth himself wella…😂

  2. Some guys be mumu oo,i mean it is very rare to see a girl who tends to the needs of her man,just look at this lucky dude who got one but doesn’t know the value…… Sister remove even the pants jare you can’t even clothe yourself you dey cheat

  3. That serve him right….. Na all dis fine Bois de do dis kind stupid tin… Becus ugly guy dat it took many months to get one gal can’t just leave her for another. Na de same club weh dey owerri dey enugu….. I Don talk my mind.. Come Uae ND beat me

  4. I’m still thinking why you people are avoiding to like my comment. Please, look me well. Don’t think that I am a relative of Buhari. Even if you are busy, just give me at least half like because anyhow is better than nohow.

  5. Lol some Nigerian girls re here saying, they would do this to their own boyfrnd if he cheats, pls don’t forget that you cannot collect what did not buy oooo. Because i knw for a fact that it is not in our DNA for our Nigerian girls to buy we the men stuffs.

  6. Moral lesson!….. guys stop accepting wears from your bae, wrist watches, bracelets and neck chains are acceptable….. and for the main time We sincerely apologise for the intense heat all over the world . This is due to the general maintenance going on in Hell Fire. This maintenance is imperative to accommodate more Nigerian politicians when the world eventually ends. We sincerely regret any inconveniences this may have caused.

    Angel Gabriel

  7. Can this guy not run? From when I see her, na start of 200m huddle race be dat. No one will disgrace me, forget the other woman I will call and explain why I had to run..something like – na diahorea matter, in other words I got the runs , so i ran lol

  8. Three people I can’t trust in this life❌❌
    1 Girls 👧
    2 Ladies 👩
    3 Women 👵

    Even when my mom said “tell me the truth and I won’t flog you😢😢”
    The story didn’t end well 😂😂😂

  9. If am his new girl friend ,i will buy the guy another cloth in that shop and hold his hand and walk out ,i love this kind of love ,
    Talk to him as you like ,talk to me as your fellow woman i will understnd but disgracing him like this becus you bought cloth for him ,
    I will buy him car if i have the money rubbish

  10. I can only give it up to her for causing drama to the so called boyfriend, and not the other lady..
    Then now, what sort of fuckery is this? Okk got the clothes then?? Will she wear those clothes or she’ll gift them to the next… Loooool nkt

  11. If you’ve ever been heartbroken, you’ll understand where she’s coming from. This physical act of asking him to pull his clothes is just one tenth way of expressing the emotional pain she’s going thru.
    Common guys, be faithful to your women. A real man doesn’t go after a million women but loves his lwoman in a million ways! ✌👍

  12. What if the guy is suffering in silence or when he lay with her no feeling of enjoyment,no matter the money the guy will be looking for sweet pusy,so my sister keep your pusy well,no one will stay when it is loose.

  13. All this 21century blogger’s will just write something attractive to draw attention…. just imagine the head line is different from the video. There was nothing like force here,i was only waiting patiently to see how she was going to that.

  14. All d ladies here hv believed that d guy is broke just because of this short video of girl taking back what she bought for him’ because it doesn’t seem possible to them that a girl can buy his guy a gift…Smh

  15. That why u need to be very close to God. Despite your mischief. He still care and love you. Just image that the air you are breathing, is a man like me and you that owns it. My dears we can’t not pay. No matter your money. Be wise and worship God diligently.

  16. Disgracing the man in public,is it’s the best way to collect the evils manners or attitude of your man,

    Better,if you used your mind to buy stuff for your Man, invest and forget your kindness to him,if they is man to rewards is your God will do and justify the evils manners of …..

  17. Very wrong really wrong.. She shouldn’t have done such a thing.. She should have settled it home and they path ways .. I don’t believe in disrespecting a man you are in a relationship with in privacy or public..
    You can calmly tell him your mind and just path ways or settle its a no for me.

  18. Damn , I can’t believe there so many chicken head . He cheats and their reward to him is buying him new cloths . You just love taking care of other women . The girl should should stay with him , because chicken heads are willing pay half for half of your man . Then he can spend more of his money on you 🤣🤣

  19. What kind of humiliation is that?there relationship was based on material things..are you happy now that the poor dude is going home naked?try it on my brother he will strip you naked and you’ll regret the day you were born

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