Who emerged victorious in this epic rap battle? Eminem VS Donald J. Trump to E…


Who emerged victorious in this epic rap battle?

Eminem VS Donald J. Trump http://bbc.in/2y9C72f

Listen to Eminem’s takedown of President Trump at the BET Hip-Hop Awards – a vicious, four-and-a-half-minute freestyle.




  1. Tbf eminem has said things a million times worse than trump so he really has no room to talk, like at all. I don’t think I need to give examples. I like eminem and his music a lot and I get he’s not the president but honestly he has probably had more influence all over the world than trump so how about they both act more professional can we all agree on that?

  2. Not an MM fan…….until I saw this last night….It’s in the streets…..It’s on the professional fields…seems the only place it’s not is on Fox…..the pressure is mounting……

  3. Leftist Hero of the day Eminem.

    “I’ll punch Lana Del Rey in the face twice like Ray Rice in broad daylight in plain sight of elevator surveillance, ’til the head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens.”

    Hey At least he didn’t say anything about grabbing her pussy.

  4. Hey Em, what up? I always thought you were the man.
    Every since the days you rapped about Stan.
    I couldn’t believe you drew a line in the sand.
    I didn’t think I had to decide where to stand?
    You don’t want me as a fan?
    If I don’t surrender my opinion to the will of the man?
    You put your hand up high in a fist,
    You’ve been corrupted, taken over with rage and you’re pissed.
    Before the election I was never a Trump fan,
    People like you pushed me, with your line in the sand!
    You scream Fascist, Racist, Dictator boo hoo,
    Look in the mirror yo, that’s what you do!
    You’re dressed up like ISIS spewing venom to the masses,
    What you need to do is buy a new pair of bifocal glasses!
    Hey Em, I’m from Michigan too,
    I’m too old for rap and so are you!
    I’ll raise my kid to use his mind to unite,
    Not spew crazy rhetoric to blow our country up like dynamite!
    Just want you to know I heard you through and through,
    I’ll raise my kid to never be like you!
    And oh, by the way… forget you too!
    #MAGA 🇺🇸

    This isn’t mine but it is brilliant.
    I copy and pasted this from another feed but it’s great.
    So much hate and venom being spewed from all sides, this comment was spot on

  5. I have listened to Eminem’s cypher numerous times now and have yet to find anything he said to be untrue or unlikely. It did remind me why I decided well before the election why I would never vote for Trump though as the draft dodger insulted John McCain and other POWs. That was my nuh uh never gonna happen moment

  6. EM the over 40 year old rapper sounded Dated and completely out of touch. No coincidence that he’s trying to become relevant again with a new album coming out and the last one tanked.

  7. He’s right and he’s wrong. Trump is scum but so was Obama. The only difference between the two is their rhetorical style. Trump bombs don’t look different from Obama bombs. Just ask innocent civilians world-wide.

    For some people, so long as you say the right things and are politically correct…they’ll turn a blind eye to your immoral actions (Obama supporters).

    For others, so long as you say the wrong things and aren’t politically correct…they’ll turn a blind eye to your immoral actions (Trump supporters).

    I dunno, I figure actions speak louder than words. Maybe I’m an idiot to think this way. To me actions are the message, not rhetoric.

  8. Ummm…I think Trump is going to win this one because the American people are sick of our entertainers constantly expressing their political beliefs and angry feelings to us. They’re all just too angry and nasty😂

  9. “If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your political information, you’re a bigger moron than they are,” he said. “Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal.” – quote Alice Cooper

  10. I never realized Eminem was so intelligent and well informed. I’m surprised at all the insulting comments. Either you didn’t listen to what he said or you are not paying attention. If Trump is allowed to continue, we may never recover.

  11. Just waiting for Trump to challenge Eminem to a rap battle now. I mean I’m sure many people don’t know but Trump probably invented rap and is like the best rapper ever right? 😂

  12. No one emerged victorious because trump is still president and America is still a laughingstock. Eminem didn’t say anything that most reasonable, fairly intelligent people didn’t already know.

  13. Yeah, because a washed up ol’ white dude who spent 90% of his career doing drugs, getting drunk, writing songs about killing his daughter’s addict mother, making pedophile jokes, and degrading women, is SO much better than who we have in office.

    What a sad attempt at relevance, Eminem.

  14. Haha Eminem doesn’t care unfortunately the only people that care are these trump supporters. Trump got put on blast, this man who has the audacity to tell us that PR is an island surrounded by water. Ocean water.. wow he is really showing us his IQ🤔

  15. BBC continues to prove that they are completely on a globalist agenda. BBC never admits there is a clear and present danger in bringing in mass amounts of middle eastern refugees. BBC never reports on the patriotic men and women of any country that stand for something other than open borders or gender identification grabage. When will people see that BBC is the English version of CNN in America!?!? BBC reports Eminem ranting and throwing a tantrum against a President???
    People, this is not your once great BBC anymore. It is brainwashing, negative response provoking propoganda. Wake up

  16. Funny everyone is trash talking Eminem but don’t know the first thing about rapping. The man clearly said he knows all of Trump’s tricks because that’s what he’s done in the past. Only difference is Em isn’t President.

  17. He’s not afraid to take a stand. Cause he roasts everybody, come take his hand. Let’s work together to roast Trump. The people saying Eminem should stick to music are the same people who voted for a reality TV star to be President. Let that sink in.

  18. Donald J. Trump

    Tweeted back but deleted fast
    Trumps reply

    “Your rhymes were weak, and your flow was weird – it took you 44 years to barely grow a beard. Just admit that you’re jealous and acting like a big baby – because everyone knows I’m the new slim SHADY”


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