Who do you think deserves to win Barclays Football Manager of the Month for Nove…


Who do you think deserves to win Barclays Football Manager of the Month for November?

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  1. 😱
    I always wanted to comment first, but no way. Who are these people who comments at the speed of light. What do they live for, what internet do they use, what are they, what do they eat, what do they really want. Meeehn I’m curious now 👊

  2. I wonder when Sean Dyche will really get recognized for the great work he’s doing at Burnley. Pep has the big money to spend on great players. Dyche has not, and now Brady’s out for a time.

    Dyche should win it, even tho the loss at King Power last week.

  3. Pep
    Score 9
    And conceded 3
    Won -4 out 4
    Or kloop
    Score 11
    Conceded -2
    Won 3 and 1 draw
    Or conte score 7/8
    And was also
    But pep deserved more than any one otherwise it will be kloop

  4. All other managers have lost in November, not Pep and City, 4 out 4. that makes him the best in November also. this is not a kindergarden game where everyone should be included, if you are not first, you are last and thats the way it suppose to be.

  5. Everybody talking Good Shitt of their Managers, Conte/Guardiola deserves this For now they are the only magnificent managers progressing with their Team well at the moment! I don’t see anything good from premier League Managers but the two are phenomenon Guardiola is upper handed⚽🔫✊

  6. Pep… Winning 4 straight games in EPL is crazy while on top of the league with massive pressure…despite 1st min to last mins defensive game against him only…I tomb up for him… Others were good but Pep should win it again

  7. For me it’s Klopp, pep should be winning these games without any fuss, Klopp has beat Stoke away, hammered Brighton away drew with Chelsea in a game where we should’ve won and beat Southampton at home and West Ham away, and with so many changes to the team throughout the month as well and still getting the results and only conceding 3 goals in the league.

  8. Pep for turning man city into a dominant side. Conte also deserves credit for changing Chelsea’s formation and dealing with player power. Chelsea’s attack is more centrally based and a plan B of wingers is set up. Hazard’s new position looks like it’s going to open up more goals for him.


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