“When my daughter is my age, women will have the power” – Speaking to the protes…


“When my daughter is my age, women will have the power” – Speaking to the protesters marking a year since the Women’s March against the election of Donald J. Trump.



  1. Donald Trump is still president…. Perhaps those on the march should point their anger at Clinton. After all, she was bankrolled by the Saudi’s and we all know what they think of women……

  2. I wonder who these people are actually listening to in order to get it so wrong? Get back to work,your country now has the lowest unemployment rate for decades due to Trump..

  3. Yes, be liberated , do your own thing , but do it quietly and without needing to justify it. That is true liberation , and I am sure most men would appreciate it wholeheartedly .

  4. Never before in history across any culture will you find a more miserable unhappy women as you witness. Please compare these gender confused, nervy insecure radical celebrity soak sponges with the life affirming , family oriented ones in the LARGER March on Saturday (March for life) . There is HOPE but it’s not about appealing to the state for your “rights”. The highest a woman can go is the cooperation in the creation of human being, the nurturing and teaching of that child. That is the GREAT honour…men do not have FEEL privileged, Not Embittered!!

  5. That is what #femaleprivilege looks like. Western women are the most protected and privileged people in the world, yet their insatiable attention seeking and their lack of gratitude ensures they continue to demand more and more.

  6. For all these people saying these women are fighting for what they (we) already have, here is a personal anecdote.
    I used to work at a well known home improvement store. I was in a job that gave me three days a week with just godawful hours. A job with more and better hours opened up in my department. I was already doing parts of the job, people that worked in related positions with whom I would be working said I would be great at the job, and my direct supervisor recommended me for the job because he thought I would be a great choice.
    They hired a man.
    This was because the store manager had been known to say on more than one occasion that as long as he was in charge, no woman would get that job.
    Where’s the equality there?

  7. This is why fathers have to be protective of their daughters. These kind of women confuse the world. Why don’t they go to Hollywood and march over there. That’s where the problem is.

  8. Well done woman. You’ve just made a declaration you’re not interested in equality but taking over giving credibility to those who object to feminists. Can we please finally shut up the extreme feminists and mras and then maybe the rest of us can get on with life together?

  9. They want to treated as equals. Unless it’s that time of the month. Then they demand preferred treatment and days off work due to cramps and pain. (Crazy Liberal mindset)
    You want equality, then suck it up butter cup and go to work like your male counterparts.

  10. i dont see bbc saying about the womens march in iran that had today, bbc is busy where women dont suffer, or maybe its social engineering like gramsci said in 1943 with the objective of destroying the western society?

  11. “seperated families” no they can be together, just back In the country they illegally immigrated from. They are the ones seperating themselves by choosing to illegally enter the USA.

  12. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a men’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln. This also applies to women, and people would do well to properly ruminate on the meaning of that. Self-appointed spokespeople are fully conversant with what rights they are owed, but very little is said about their associated responsibilities. Freedom is not free. Power exploits the weaknesses in your own personal constitution, and it takes a very moral and courageous person who is in control of their shadow-self to resist the temptations of corruption and misactioning of duty. It is, therefore, a very good idea for yourself and for the rest of society to straighten out your own soul before demanding the world owes you anything. Things will only seriously change when responsibility is embraced and the character pre-requisites are in place, and not before – such is the story of history and of the civil rights movement.

  13. Domestic violence, less and less healthcare options and being severely under represented in government so these issues are hardly addressed are “first world” problems?

    So much Stockholm syndrome and willfully ignorant comments in these posts.

  14. All Emmeline Pankhurst suffragette wannabes.. let’s see them jump in front of a race horse for what they want… they’re protesting for what they already have.. and most are there for a day out!

  15. Is this all about power now as apposed to equal rights? Sweet jesus, people really do not appreciate how fairly they’re treated in western Countries. We have equal rights, you’re all 100 years too late for the womens right movement. We’ve progressed since then. We’re not perfect, but feel free to move to any middle eastern country if you feel so oppressed here.


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