What’s the key to a happy life? Scientists in the UK are asking people to take…


What’s the key to a happy life?

Scientists in the UK are asking people to take part in a survey to find out ➡️ http://bbc.in/2nWOXKV

(via BBC Lifestyle & Health News)



  1. Brilliant but for me.

    Believe In GOD (the creator).
    and to follow his righteous books that send down to mankind through his messangers.
    I have testify u may life in peace and goes to JUDGEMENT DAY with perfect certificate of Enter paradise 👏👏

  2. Volunteering really helps a lot! I volunteer doing data entry at a children’s disability organisation. Since I started I’ve been feeling much less depressed and generally happier. I highly recommend trying it out.

  3. To pay attantion to the higher power signs and msgs and follow them as much as possible ☆ strong & pure soul = strong & clean mind = brave & kind heart = perfect & happy human being ♡ Amen.

  4. Stop emotionally attaching so hard to things that werent meant to last. Nothing is permanent, bad things happen and things often dont go the way we hope. When these moments arise. They serve as a test of patience and humility. Diving into such a negative pool of controllable emotions does nothing but waste time and energy. Rather, realize life is equally about good and bad because one wouldnt exist without the other. Your responsibility is to shorten the grief as much as possible and then find solution. Depression and anxiety only hurt you because you let it. Look up books on emotional intelligence. They will fix you.

  5. watching any news channel other than the BBC! They love to patronise. Newsman this morning talking about inflation; it will affect butter, eggs, cheese, milk that kind of stuff! To much to ask this University educated type to say will affect groceries😆

  6. Stop watching the news and reading papers, that’s a good start. Get out and go walking. enjoy life and say hello to people you pass by. They’re really not all so bad. Quite sad tho that you say hi to some folk and they look at you like you have grown 3 heads! For some also you might be the only one who spoke to them all day.

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