We’ve Reached Another Milestone With 3 Million Likes On Our Facebook Page. We A…


We’ve Reached Another Milestone With 3 Million Likes On Our Facebook Page. We Are Grateful To All Our Fans All Over The Globe For Keeping Faith With Us. Thank You!




  1. How on earth did we Biafrans get into d mess called nigeria! How can we be living together with blood sucking vampires(hausa Fulani),how do we get into dis contraption called nigeria where we are seen as 10th class citizens. All dis intimidations have given us more reason while we must restore Biafra.they have sent their useless and poor trained soldiers to our land and they are killing us.they left d terrorize north nigeria where bokoharam are laking havoc, killing people in there thousands. They have never arrested nor prosecuted any terrorizing herdsmen but they are killing innocent Biafrans. We totally reject d kingdom of darkness called nigeria with anything in us,nothing on earth will ever make us to accept dis unholy Union called nigeria. Enough is enough, any day we decided to take up arm and counter dis brutality, dat day will be d end of d hell called nigeria. Not too long from now we shall bring nigeria to dust.mark my word,,they nigeria govt is showing its stupidity to d world.they have virtually used everything they have nd we have never used any of our strategy, we shall come against nigeria soonest nd nigeria shall fall and bcom history

  2. Sahara Reporters, keep on doing the good works you have been doing. You are like sunlight and no one, including GEJ supporters and IPOB members, can do without you. They may be raining insults on you and pretend that they do not like you, but they all like you. And if you go to their profiles, you will see that Sahara Reporters feature prominently on the list of pages they LIKE. Even Nnamdi Kanu and Goodluck Jonathan are among the 3 million that like your page!

  3. Nnamdi Kanu Linked To Seized Imported Weapons In Lagos Strong indications emerged yesterday night that the confiscated 1,100 pump action rifles loaded in a 20 foot container in Lagos were allegedly shipped in by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. It was gathered that the weapons, brought from Turkey, were concealed inside a container which Bill of Laden indicated it was conveying wash hand basins. The importation of the arms were part of the moves by the pro-Biafra agitator and his sponsors to stop the incoming governorship election in Anambra State from taking place as planned, AIT News has reliably learnt. Kanu had earlier vowed to kill any Igbo person that goes out to participate in the forthcoming elections The Kanu-led group had roared that the forthcoming governorship election will never be held, saying the reverse will be the case only when all members were dead. “We are going to use Anambra State to set an example so that other states in Biafran land will learn. We are sure and we are going to assure them that there will be no election in Anambra State. The message is that there will be no election in Biafran land starting from Kogi, Benue, Edo, Delta, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and others,” the group had threatened in a recent statement. – AIT News 13 September 2017.


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