“We’re doing a movie!” – An actor dressed as a robber narrowly avoids being shot…


“We’re doing a movie!” – An actor dressed as a robber narrowly avoids being shot by US cop http://bbc.in/2hOmeHN



  1. Just shot at him without thinking. Looking at this from abroad really is shocking because the police clearly have no training at all. Police over here are far better trained than to fire off a shot like that. No wonder so many are killed by police. Turn up and bang bang bang before they even find out what’s going on.

  2. I mean if you are going to shoot a movie, the intelligent first move is to inform the authorities and the people you are breaking into.

    And if a cop says drop the gun it doesn’t matter if it’s a fake gun, your follow directions and drop it. Then resolve the situation later.
    That’s just the smart thing to do.

  3. And that’s what happens when you work with STUPID people, you know what they say, there is no cure for stupidity. Hope the person that should have notified the city/authorities is fired. Someone could have been killed.

  4. This is their fault really, if you’re gonna film a movie, especially when there are violent scenes in public places, you have to have a sign nearby signifying that this is a film set, nobody knows if you’re an actor or not if you’re running around waving a pistol.


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