“We wake up hungry in the middle of the night asking mum for food.”The UN says…


“We wake up hungry in the middle of the night asking mum for food.”

The UN says 1,200 children are malnourished in Ghouta, eastern Damascus, which has been under siege by the Syrian army for four years.

Video produced by Lina Sinjab and Amer Almohaibany



  1. If the rich weren’t so greedy or big corporations weren’t a greedy also and how wasteful America is with food people wouldn’t be starving. Sad to see what the world has come to, we are all human beings and share this planet. Why not help others that are in need.

  2. The woman looks like a vibrant black bag, sad reality. Women are the biggest victims of stupid religions, invented by idiot men. Islam is definitely a dangerous and misleading ideology, every day people are killed, Shiite mosques are blown up, children are murdered in the name of this vile cult. Tragic.

  3. Who is responsible for the ongoing Syrian war? How did it start? Which countries are involved in bombing and killing civilians? Have any of the culprits been charged with genocide? This is the cruelty of man to other human beings including innocent children. Why does God allow this injustice to go on? Can someone answer these questions for me?

  4. The BBC is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians by choosing the narrative of the terrorists. Shame on you. Syria would be crawling with Al-Qaeda and ISIS if it hadn’t been for Assad and the SAA. Shame on you BBC

  5. You could maybe write a bit more about how Raqqa’s left in rubble thanks to British bombs. Or Mosul, or Falujah in 2005. How Afghanistan is still being destroyed. How Libya was or Iraq, Yemen or indeed Syria. By British bombs.

    Have some of your “investigative” journalists find out what Assad would have to gain with this.

    Instead of spreading fake news hm? Wouldn’t that be nicer?

  6. When it comes to Ghouta the media and politicians are willfully promoting rebel propaganda or are ignorant of the facts. Ghouta was taken over by terrorists who held the government supporting citizens hostage and sold them food at inflated prices. The Syrian government forces surrounded the terrorists and supplied aid and made sure the terrorists didn’t escape. These are NOT siege situations. It’s like blaming the police in a hostage case when they have the kidnappers surrounded.

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