Was Harry Styles groped during this performance? Via BBC Entertainment News:


Was Harry Styles groped during this performance?

Via BBC Entertainment News: http://bbc.in/2zKXgO0



  1. Disgusting behaviour! Absolutely no need! It’s good to show this just doesn’t happen to female entertainers etc but it can happen to men also! It’s shocking that this is deemed acceptable to some people!

  2. “Would you thrust your genitals in the face of a young female fan”

    Sounds very similar to “he was asking for it”, “he should have known better”, “maybe the red trousers highlighted his crotch” etc etc etc

    Not asked for.
    Not consensual.
    Not okay.

  3. Is there a slo-mo version?! I see a girl frantically grabbing at him, but I don’t think it’s intentional? If her hand even landed “there” at all? It looks to me like she was grabbing his shirt above the pant line and as he got up to rise off the floor, he thrusted his pelvis out (cause he was getting off of his knees) and her hand just happened to land there for that nano second cause it was level with his crotch. I honestly don’t think it was intentional.

  4. Mostly men on this thread saying he needs to get over it. Bet these are the same men that say “what about male victims?” when women bring up their issues of sexual harassment and abuse. It’s just unbelievable. A human should not have their genital region groped without specific consent, no matter who they are. It’s really quite simple!

  5. He shouldn’t have put his crotch near her face…. he shouldn’t be wearing such revealing pants…….
    Sound familiar ????
    Yes exactly what they say about females who are sexually assaulted.

  6. That’s inappropriate sexual touch. If this was a woman, there’d be no questions asked calling this rape. But because he’s a guy, everyone’s suddenly a lot more hesitant to call it what it is.

  7. Regularly happens when a Scotsman wears a kilt to weddings, rugby/football matches etc.

    I’m not saying many of us do not “ask for it” by implication but that’s not a reason for sexual “assault” physically or verbally – is it?

  8. Are you honestly so naive that you don’t realize this is one – if not the only – reason performers put themselves in this position? There is no other reason for him to make himself this “vulnerable” to his audience.

  9. Personally I think these girls were frenzied and were just trying to touch him anywhere and the crotch wasn’t specifically the target. And life goes on. Think about the western guy in Dubai who accidentally touched another man’s behind while trying to avoid spilling his drink on him. He got 57 days. We have taken PC to the point of insanity, that’s why I have become a recluse to make sure I don’t offend someone, especially if I don’t know the rules of the game.🤦‍♀️

  10. Male or Female THIS IS NOT OK!
    Clothed or Naked people Do Not have the right to touch you in an inappropriate way!
    You have the right to dress the way you want, dance the way you want, and act the way you want Without being sexually assaulted!!!

  11. Oh man…between the “anti-PC” brigade that must come and scream about “sensitive snowflakes”, and the “MRA warriors” who need to challenge the “feminazis” that “men get assaulted too!”, this story has the potential to cause a right wing feedback loop that *could* go nuclear!

  12. At events like this the fans (especially girls seeing harry styles, I’d imagine ) when the star gets this close to the audience they just want to touch them and it’s often crammed and you’re getting pushed around , looks to me (and that’s just my opinion, I maybe wrong ) like they all just wanted to actually touch him so just thrust their hands towards him.

  13. Harry styles complained yet a big debate here has Harry Styles complained yet NO ask yourself why MONEY talks and his management prob warned him don’t get too close because the fans are in a teenage frenzy very dangerous so Harry knows this its all about the MONEY Thankyou

  14. This is the difference between men and women/PC do-gooder’s .. After being groped Harry just kept on going, no drama”s, no meltdowns.. in fact he even went back to “the scene of the crime”.. 👏🏻 Young men like this make Britain great,m 👏🏻👏🏻 not like these wishy-washy PC do-gooders these days.. But if I had one complaint it would be she looks a bit “heavy handed” Hopefully Harry invited this young lady back stage and gave her a “playful pat on her bottom” to equal it out.. Everyone’s a winner!!

  15. So disappointed in these women and sorry this happened to this performer. WTF were they thinking? “I’m gonna grab his dick so I can tell all my friends I grabbed Harry Styles genitals!” Ya, cause that is something to be proud of. So gross. She should be ashamed. Perhaps she is trying to even the score… have some power? Not ok at all. For men or women. That being said, cue the MEN, cause u still by far the largest perpetrator.

  16. A drunk brit man arrested for groping a german tourist in dubai, comments will be like: don’t go there they’re animals, dangerous country.
    A fan groped harry styles: oh my god that’s a sexual assault.
    That’s called Double standards

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