VIDEO: Nigerians Cannot Be Fooled Again – Segun Awosanya WATCH FULL VIDEO: Awo…


VIDEO: Nigerians Cannot Be Fooled Again – Segun Awosanya

WATCH FULL VIDEO: Awosanya, a social commentator speaking with SaharaTV has posited that Nigerians would not be fooled in 2019 elections as they were in 2015. He also sa…



  1. The problem with Nigeria is the ability of the elites to manipulate the people to do their bidding. In the north, the elites tend to easily use religion to convince the populous to vote for them at the presidential election. In d SW the populous tend to follow de direction of individuals like Tinubu to decide who to support as president of the nation. Only the former SE, which now comprises SS,SE, plus N/central is the place where the people tend to not to be manipulated by either the so called big men or by religion. Most of the so called common people in Nigeria tend to leave their fates in d hands of their exploiters, either in the name of religion or tribe.

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  3. Those that hate PMB so much know their reasons and why. I that love PMB and his team so much have my reasons and why, therefore you can keep hating him for reasons best known to you but for me, just leave me alone to keep loving him and keep praying for him to succeed. I learnt from Moses when he was leading Israelites from the land of Egypt, it came to a stage some enemies and friends of Egypt in the midst of Israelites rose up to convince Israelites to see Moses as failure and enemies of Israelites. They even made Israelites to insult God. Presently am witnessing the same in Nigeria as it happened then.

  4. No we are all fools that’s what our leaders think if not why will a reasonable someone tell us that snake swallowed #36 million. Previously, ordinary rats pursue the President from office. Haba!

  5. That’s for those that allowed themselves to be fooled before…
    I sympathise with them.

    Sane Nigerians were ever wise and never fooled!
    Thanks goodness, the hailers are now the greatest wailers.

    From Sai Baba to,
    Kai Baba.
    What will it be in 2019?

    I just hope you guys will be wiser in 2019.
    Not enough, to make noises in the media.

    Blessed are those who never believe in this Buhari’s APC failed government. They’re not disappointed.

    Shame of a party, APC and all her apologetics friends.



    Tsav Reveals Real Reason Behind Herdsmen Killings

    Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, a former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, has revealed the cause of the current insecurity in the country under the guise of herdsmen killings.

    He said President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption provoked some politicians who sponsored the killer-herdsmen in a bid to mar his re-election in 2019.

    Tsav told the New Telegraph: “We have a lot of people, who are involved in corruption in this country; people who have stolen too much from the country’s treasury.

    “And since Buhari came in; the stealing has stopped and people who are not benefitting from the corrupt system are now afraid and they are fighting Buhari’s government through the killings by herdsmen. That is why they don’t want him to re-contest.
    “People who have been living on corruption have now found out that they can no longer live on corruption again because Buhari himself is not corrupt. He is a straightforward and honest person. So, that is why they want to remove him by all means, so that we can go back to square one. They have no conscience.

    “Even all over the world, other world leaders are commending Buhari for being an honest man and trying to check corruption. Within the short time he has been in power, he has discovered that a lot of money was stolen from our treasury. World leaders are happy with him, but in this country, they want him to be removed, so that they can to continue to loot the treasury. They don’t love this country; they want corruption to come back, otherwise why are they saying the man should not re-contest.

    “A lot of people have being involved in corruption, but since Buhari came in, there has not been room for people to carry out corrupt activities. So, they want Buhari to go, so that they will continue their corrupt acts.”

    On what should be done to stem the tide of insecurity in the country ahead of the 2019 elections, he said: “If the security agencies take the right steps right now, the elections will be very peaceful. The most important thing is to try and disarm this people. We should also address the issue of corruption because what has brought all these problems to us is corruption.”

    In the last few weeks, some eminent Nigerians like former President Olusegun Obasanjo and former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, have asked President Buhari not run in 2019.

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