VIDEO: Charly Boy @Areafada1 of #OurMumuDonDo movement releases a video asking …


VIDEO: Charly Boy @Areafada1 of #OurMumuDonDo movement releases a video asking “Which Way Nigeria?”



  1. Where were you when Nnamdi Kanu said it?You are just wailking up?Just pray that it is not late.You had an oportunity to claim your haritage but you did not support.Hausa has recolonized Nigeria.Only Biafra can save you

  2. Sometimes I jus sit down dey laugh at our naija pples. I imagine wen charley boy turn to an activist. Funny..we jus like to politicized evrythin in Naija. Area Father or wetin den dey call your name, I hail oooooo

  3. I can see from all comment everyone is raising insult at Charley b!! I belev if Charley boy were to be your dad u won’t dia raise insult him. Everyone is subject to mistake. If he made mistake not to compromise with Namdi kalu protest does not stop him from voicing out the truth about Nigeria and the panacea to our problem….. Kudos to you Charley boy

  4. Collective amnesia. Charly Boy has always been fighting injustice in Nigeria, though his style irritates me, but that is him. When he was in Gbagada Lagos, he fought injustices by mobilising okada people. Please try and do something rather than seeing negativity in everything some else is doing.

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