This Video Deserves An Award As The best Video Of The Year… Watch And Share


This Video Deserves An Award As The best Video Of The Year… Watch And Share



  1. The snake has been found yesterday in the forest very close to the Jamb Office Makurdi, And The Snake has been taken to Benue State University Teaching Hospital in order to remove the N36m swallowed earlier. EFCC Spokeman

  2. God will see us all through. This video reminds me of my days in school when I will be chased for not paying school fees and I will not go home because I know my mom don’t have the money so no need of telling her it will break her heart more, I will stay outside waste time along the road till wen others close we will go together. It all seems like yesterday. God always make a way.

    Fish swallowed a full fledged man and dropped him harmlessly ashore somewhere in the middle east- You believed it.

    Snake engaged in a discussion with one woman like that and convinced her to eat a forbidden fruit somewhere in the middle east- You believed it.

    A Donkey got upset somewhere in the middle east and shouted at the Oga for flogging him- You believed it.

    Now, our own snake just swallowed ordinary paltry 35 abi 36 million naira JAMB money, and you guys are fuming and ranting in disbelief.

    Why cant we support and believe local contents for once? Haba!

    What the middle eastern snake can do, our own snake can do better.

  4. We need this kinda lesson teaching videos!!! No be all the time shaking that damm Nash!!! Go see around and try help whatever you could … We die …we no bring anything together !!!

  5. I saw My SS1 mathematics teacher Yesterday… . We greeted and he asked for directions to Barclay Bank. I told him to make a 360° turn and walk for like 1.8m, then find The coefficient of X us Pythagoras theorem and round it up to The nearest tens. He will see a big pharmacy which is perpendicular to his right, then make an obtuse angle turn, he’ll see The bank at a distance of about The logarithm of 7 and using four figure table to find The Anti-log. Let him feel what i felt when i was in school.This morning I heard on The radio he’s missing…😂😂😜😜 i bet he did not plot The graph well😂😂😂

    I know you are now laughing😄😁,, share to make others laugh too..

  6. Jt imagine, this kind of woman we go to church with her money along to pray for GOD to change her soultation. All this scan pastors we start say pay ur title, nd start preaching words that we make people n the church afraid. This time around all humans need to think very very well and believe n what u pray for not all this called fake man of GOD.

  7. Shofowora Olamilekan Micheal pls grow up… This short message gat Nothing to do with the correction of English language… Am waiting patiently to see ur own contribution to the society, since u can’t appreciate

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