This one has Masters degree in stealing Lol


This one has Masters degree in stealing Lol



  1. My mother used to communicate with eyes
    while I was growing up…
    When visitors are in the house and I am
    jumping up and down, there is an eye sign
    which means “get out”​
    When visitors are eating and you want to
    eat with them, there is this particular look
    which means “if you collect anything here I
    will skin you alive”​ but meanwhile she will
    be telling the visitors “don’t mind him, he
    won’t eat or he has eaten..”
    When you pay a visit to any family member
    and you want to cry over what is not yours,
    there is this look which means “if I hear
    pim from you again, I will flog you die”​
    But today’s mother… I mean our young
    mummies today ehhh…
    Their eyes are already weakened with
    mascara, eye lashes and heavy-duty facelifts
    and make-ups from Mary Kay to Jenifer
    Lopez to Angelina Jolie. In short, the eyes
    can’t communicate again… when they are
    looking at a child, the child will be looking
    back at them because that child is seeing
    them as either a magician or masquerade or
    even doll baby, which they are used to.

  2. Yesterday, a slay queen went to consult a prophet who told her to take good care of her boyfriend because he will soon be a billionaire.

    But she has been crying since yesterday because she can’t tell which boyfriend it is. She has 9 boyfriends.

  3. He is not a thieve but a smuggler, this is how pple use to smuggle hot drinks inside arab worlds, and a bottle of this inside there is about 650,000k, but sorry…., his hustle don spoil, this is 20 years in prison…

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention… I think the bag was specially designed for the operation and he works at the liquor industry. He just provided food for the soldiers.

  5. Guys fear this guy o,he can even steal someone’s destiny😂😂😂

    meanwhile that drinks is enough to start an OWANBE party and get every high…my Yoruba pals dem can relate😅😀

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