This Girl with Big Boobs wants to show you something Lol


This Girl with Big Boobs wants to show you something Lol



  1. Dear lord,
    it’s me JULIAN ….

    On behalf of all Lagos residents I want to say Pls we are very sorry 4 saying “Man’s not hot”.😪

    Father Lord, Man is now hot………….very very hot…………. Infact we have taken off our jackets to show that man is very hot.😓

    Please have mercy on us……..forget d part where we said “Man can never be hot” and Pls reduce this heat cus na die we dey so😭😭

  2. 😡😡😡😡😡
    so all this jumping up and down and advertising by gossipmil, only for her not to open the top ba??. she have made me waste my data, n 4 that i will report her to village people.. b4 she wake up tomorrow morning her boobs will be like dija’s own… 😏😏😏😏

  3. Please if you know anybody who wants to sell his or her car,any model and any colour, with AC and you are sure it’s in perfect working condition and valid papers,with price around 2.5 to 3 million as long as the engine is not weak yet, please let the person sell it, its non of my business

  4. If women would just keep quiet, there won’t be any problem in any family.

    A *wife* & husband visited a farm, they saw a bull having sex with a cow. The *wife* asked the farm manager:

    “How many times does a bull have sex per day?”
    Manager replied: “6 times or more a day”.
    *Wife*: looks at her husband and says…..” you see!”

    Then the husband asked the manager: “You mean 6 times a day with the same cow?”
    Manager said ” No, No, with different cows everyday.”
    Husband looks to his *wife* and says ….
    “you see!!!!”

    And the fight started !!

    *Who* cause de fight???

    I hope the answer 🙈 it’s gonna cause another fight

  5. May Jesus’s guidance be with u. I m speechless about what Christians have become. Its a shame that no one sees it as evil. Rather everyone is laughing, smiling and busy liking. May God deliver u.

  6. Girls with big breasts and small ynash reminds me of improper fraction….stuffs like 55/7,195/3 …..etc..
    Meanwhile sister u get big boobs in ur 20’s n u feel u have made it in life .jez wait till u reach 60…m jez saying….i prefer large ass i cannot coman kill my self with problems of the upper chamber .

  7. This people with big and saggy boobs how do they manage to bath when the shower ain’t running…. Cos when they bend down all the boobs will fall inside the bucket, or they will tie it behind their necks….!! Just pondering… 😴😴😴

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