This dog likes Money Lol


This dog likes Money Lol



  1. Kai walahi , this doag ya commitsing kwaraption.(commiting corruption).
    I will swaend caraba (send calabar) dance to yoa hoause.
    Theaze are the kindia fifu DSS are loaking foa.(looking for). Kajikwo? 😏

  2. Warri women when givinq testimony in Church be like….I Wanto thank God for my Pikin ochuko, Last week he was Shittinq water water shit.
    But as Pastor Prayed for him, his shit has now Strong….Wey dis boy??? Ochuko, oya Come & shit for daddy😂😂😂

  3. And what my dog likes is doing make-up ….look at your mate liking money and you’re here always doing make up hammering around the neighbourhood with local dogs. ……..oya go and toast that dog with your make-up and bring the money for me …

  4. “Baby am on my periods,but I have organised my friend Juliet,u can do it with her this week while am attending”
    This is how a normal girl shud treat her boyfriend.

  5. THIS Can dog go thief the hole money way they house carry go hide while the family of the dog go they there they suffer, the dog is too dangerous I can’t put him in my house not at all.

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