This deaf mum is suing Little Mix’s promoter for not providing a sign language i…


This deaf mum is suing Little Mix’s promoter for not providing a sign language interpreter for the full duration of a concert.



  1. If she were really a fan she’d know the lyrics off the top of her head no? Also how profound could Little Mix’s lyrics really be? It’s hardly Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen.

  2. Stupid

    Everyone has a disability of some sort and the world can’t provide support for everyone.

    I have depressive disorder. This negative news coverage is making me more depressed. I am sueing the world’s news sources.

  3. Sadly you’ve not published the story in its entirety. She was given free tickets for her to bring someone of her choice to sign the concert with her. She refused. She also only requested that an interpreter was provided just for little mix and wasn’t specific about the duration. The full story in its entirety states that on multiple occasions she refused things in negotiations etc. I’m all for concerts having interpreters but BBC are now purposely misleading the public but not publishing the full story.
    Those whom are intelligent enough to use the internet should at least be intelligent enough to read up on other articles on the same story and make a judgement from there.

  4. I’m also split in this one, I understand her concerns. But I feel she would never be happy whatever the outcome and it’s more about making a statement than enjoying the experience with her kids

  5. One more person who wants easy money ! How ridiculous this world has become.
    Can I sue when the concert is in other language than English b/c I don’t speak French or Russian, etc. ?

  6. This woman is extremely selfish and rude. She refused to bring someone and expects it to be by them, and she is suing a performer that her daughter loves…seriously…? Get over yourself.

  7. Forgive my ignorance; but how would an interpreter make such a difference for a singing venue? If she cannot hear the girls’ sing, then why not just enjoy being with her darling daughters and enjoy watching them have fun too. X

  8. I’m all for equal treatment of everyone but I’m against special treatment just to accommodate a few individuals. It seems today we are being forced to accommodate ppl in the minority at the expense of the majority

  9. This is ridiculous, she has obviously heard their music??? So maybe a blind fan can touch the Band?? Hope this ain’t a money claiming scam!!!! Just get subtitles on screen next time

  10. Ok so it’s her daughters who are the fans of little mix, she was just chaperoning them bc of their age. So why does she need an interpreter when her daughters, who are the ones who wanted to go to the concert, can hear just fine?

  11. It’s hilarious how everyone is saying this is unbelievable or ridiculous, when asking for an interpreter is such a reasonable accommodation for those who need it smh 🤦‍♀️

  12. This is ridiculous. Yes, some of us have to deal with limitations. I am legally blind in one eye, and the other isn’t so great. But we cannot expect society to fulfill our every little whim. Suck it up, Buttercup.

  13. She asked for a interpreter to see Little Mix, she got a interpreter to see Little Mix.

    She then decides after the show that she wanted it for the supporting acts as well. Are companies now mind readers?

    Talk about entitled!!

  14. So, she’s deaf. Her, and thousands of others too. She needs to accept the fact that it creates limitations on her life, like the vast majority do, and deal with it rather than laying the blame at everyone elses door.

    The court should throw out this absurdity AND make her pay every penny of the costs.

  15. I help out a local organisation organising events for people with a wide range of disabilities. I think that this is doing a huge disservice to the army of activists and people who have lobbied for greater inclusion of those with disabilities. It seems that nothing would have been good enough, well when I say nothing I mean nothing apart from money…..

  16. To me this is pushing entitlement too far. The girl gained much beyond what a normal fan at the concert would get. My wife (now sadly not alive anymore) was disabled and went to several concerts in a wheelchair. We did not ask for the Earth but checked for disabled access and asked for no more. Support acts with an interpreter? I doubt there would be an interpreter who would know their music. The concert was essentially Little Mix and interpreter was provided there. To me pushing entitlement like this does nothing to advance the cause of those unfortunate to suffer diabilities. Rightly or wrongly it feels more like doing this for personal gain and expecting to get everything and more as a result of a disability.

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