This bus is changing the lives of young people in Italy.


This bus is changing the lives of young people in Italy. 🚌



  1. Meagan Currie unemployment is the biggest challenge for the countries, they have to develop more enterprenure in the countries. Also provide short term loans and business plans of SMES

  2. And european countries keep accepting thousand of immigrants,and isn’t racism,but they can’t find a job about their young people…Brexit was the best option,if only even in Italy we could do the same..

  3. Such a large no. of candidates for just ine nursing job ? Well in Pakistan if you are related to any medical field. Just go any concerted department, have an interview on spot and grab the job. That’s it.

  4. It’s great that this guy is helping them out, since they can’t afford transportation to go apply for these jobs. But, once they get the job, how will they get to work? Obviously they’ll get paid, eventually. But, what about the first couple of weeks?

  5. there is a job problem in italy but is also true many jobs are not wanted as well, this article is pretty exaggerated! you can find jobs like in restaurants and bar but the new italian generations dont know the word Sacrifice, they dont want start from the beginning but from a comfortable situation. Rather than take a bus for 1 job and spend 1 day, they could spend their time better

  6. I am Italian, 22, and moved to England since 19. There is not one day I don’t miss my family and friends and country and all the things I was used to but all I can tell you guys is spend money to learn English and get out of there, anywhere is better, trust someone who has already witnessed the difference.

    Sono italiana, 22, e vivo in Inghilterra da quando avevo 19 anni. Non c’è giorno in cui non pensi alla mia famiglia, gli amici, il mio paese e tutto ciò a cui ero abituata ma tutto ciò che posso dire é spendete i soldi per studiare l’inglese e andatevene. Ovunque é meglio, fidatevi di chi c’è già passato.

  7. I love Italy, but the EU is failed project and should of protected the youth instead of squandering all the money on corruption and needless caviar and champagne 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  8. I just don’t know what Italy, a long-time member, has got from the EU. Many years ago we were friendly with a guy from Milan who worked all night in a supermarket cleaning and all day packing supermarket shelves – you would think he was a refugee from a third-world country the way he had to slave to send money home.

  9. Italiani piagnoni …andate via dal Italia per cosa??? Lo vedo qui a Londra …sfruttati e mal pagati, una vita al limite..però qui va bene! Siete paradossali !!!! Se gli altri lo sapessero riderebbero..

  10. Non serve un genio per capire che se l’età pensionabile è sempre maggiore, un giovane non avrai MAI nessun lavoro.
    You do not need a genius to understand that if the retirement age is always greater, a young person will NEVER have any work.

  11. How lucky are we as a nation our young still have all the opportunity if they want it and they don’t have to travel far either. It’s great to see these young people still trying but alas still have to leave their country to find work

  12. In India …for 8300 bank officer posts …a whopping 2.4 million candidates appeared for d exam n with God’s grace somehow I cleared it….So d thing is Competition is everywhere …u have to fight hard ..that’s it😎😎


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