This Afghan boy is just 9 years old, but he’s already addicted to heroin.Read…


This Afghan boy is just 9 years old, but he’s already addicted to heroin.

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  1. As soon as you get opium addicted, removing the need is nearly, if not impossible, this is a doomed life.

    Opium is from an extremely alkalized plant that contains several drug properties at the same time, there is little, if ANY chance of recovery.

    There is no need to soften my words or make them pretty, opium is
    one of the most devilish mortal hells any human can walk through.

  2. No doubt production of this drug is being propagated by goverments and sold for profit. Im sure the USA benefits from its production and sale. Probably why they got involved and raided the country.

  3. Darkness makes us run towards the ocean were we believe we might find peace and tranquillity but forgetting that it has far more dangerous predators. War is the darkness of world. The ocean are the things we do to escape our darkness.

  4. The opium poppy is one of the easiest plants to grow any where. The cost is in harvesting the sap and processing it. The fields and addicts demonstrate how poor many Afghani’s are, while the narco lord Taliban get rich and send their children to private schools.

  5. I just cannot begin to comprehend the failure of systems and adults in these situations and scenarios. It is outside my ability. We need protections in place for our children. This is a World problem and the UN needs to address this now!

  6. Very sad. As it is knowing how many young people are addicted in the UK, USA & everywhere else. Darn stuff is everywhere, with no signs of letting up. We appear to breeding generations that are addicted to drugs/alcohol or something!

  7. Opium in Afghanistan was about 15 percent of the worlds supply after the US invasion it’s up to 90, oh and the Americans just found trillions in untapped natural resources I wonder who that money will go to, tye gift of American democracy keeps on giving

  8. Islam strongly prohabits all kind of drug addiction if a christian gets addicted to some thing like alcohl, cocaine or cannabis it does not mean that christanity allows him to do that its a persons personal act in violation of his relegeous teachings. Afghanistan is largest poppi producing country in the world. Due to prolonged lawlessness there is no authority in place to check the poppi production. It is cultivated at a very large scale in Afghanistan naturally people living around popi plantations has got addicted to opium and heroin in violation of the teachings of the Quran and Islam.

  9. Your 9yrs old boy plays in park our 9yrs old boy addicted to heroine,
    Your 9yrs old boy lives his childhood our 9yrs old boy earns for family,
    Your 9yrs old boy enjoy life with parents our 9yrs old boy suffers hard time without martyred father,
    Your 9yrs old boy live in peace and our 9yrs old boy growing in war….
    Do you all think it’s what we deserve?
    Do this is war belongs to Afghans?
    You all ppl know the truth but you don’t care coz it’s not happening to you!
    But remember a day you’ll also suffer from all these things that we afghans are suffering now becoz of USA, UK…

  10. On one hand, opium is horrible and causes a lot of heartache for a lot of people(my own family in fact). On the other hand, Afghanistan has an extremely poor economy. The opium industry makes up a large portion of Afghanistan’s economy and is the only reason why many families don’t go hungry.

  11. What is so horryfying about this opium plant and heroine is the withdrawal if anyone takes this drug 4 days in a row or even 3 days you will go through hell, first the drug loses it’s potence amd it’s high feeling and if you stop it you’ll go through hell like you can’t stay still for 10 seconds, no sleep, vomiting, diarrhea, mental anguish, hopelessness, anxiety, confusion, you name it.😞😟

  12. Only for one men Osama, USA has destroyed the whole country. Taliban government envoy to Pakistan wrote in his book that Taliban came in power as result of civil war after Soviet union exit from Afghanistan. He further wrote that Taliban agenda was to bring stability first and then hold elections in the country. In short US used these Taliban against Russia and after completion of their purpose they left Afghanistan for Civil War.

  13. Omg this is so terrible, what have these adults who are to be custodians of these children done to them? It is clear responsibility has been shirked and Parents have been a bad example. I hope and pray that these young ones recover from this teerible situation they have been forced into. # There is hope for these kids.

  14. Thanks for the many many reports UN, now do something about it. The west talks about opium crisis and drug problems but non wants to tackle the problem at its roots. Instead the US is literally protecting the warlords that own these poppy fields. Hypocrisy of greedy politicians in Afghanistan and abroad is mind boggling.

  15. Some of the comments here are just unbelievable! How can enyone see a child suffering and think it’s funny, or that this child deserves it. No child in the world deserves to suffer, no matter who or where they are. What a cruel world we live in….

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