The Swansea shot-stopper is leading the way


The Swansea shot-stopper is leading the way 👐💯



  1. That moment when you read the comments and it’s all about De Gea. It’s just because he is the best in EPL and arguably in the world atm. He also plays for the giants of England #GGMU 🔴

  2. If Liverpool had De Gea we would be unplayable. He would only had to face 2-3 shots on target if playing for Liverpool. In United he’s their best player in most games by far

  3. So Wenger sells our two young up and coming keepers for Cech? Sells RVP to Man U (win the league) sells Giroud to Chelsea? Buys a striker ineligible for the only competition that matters for top 4 and my favourite part loses Lacazette to a knee injury without a back up. #wengerout old crumpet

  4. I see……Omakoji Samuel Agahiu, thanks for the info. But it still shows that De Gea is still the best Goalkeeper in EPL by far. Among the top 6 teams, he is still the only one with most saves. 3rd on the log is not bad. Considering the fact that Swansea and the other team whose keeper is ahead of him are more exposed to shots per game. On the whole, if you compare him with his to 6 peers you will see he stands head and shoulder high ahead of them. He tops the clean sheet table currently as we both saw yesterday. As for Cech……. I reserve my comments.


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