The Premier League table after an eventful weekend


The Premier League table after an eventful weekend



  1. Look at the bottom 10….that is insane…! if Liverpool starts giving 3 points each to the bottom 3 teams, then Newcastle Utd will go back to relegation…! The most merciful, Generous and Godgiven …God Bless You Liverpool…! Keep up the good job …am sure you will reach heaven when you die…! 😀 :v 😀 …!

  2. What amazes me is how people castigate Man Utd for defensive approach. But are the second with the highest goal difference in the league. Then I realized that’s how it should be, when you are the biggest in the world you tend to be in such situations

  3. To be honest,I’ve always envied United when it came to Mkhitarian. Coz looking at Sane and Sterling I’ve just always wondered what Pep would have been able to do with him. I am excited to see him at Arsenal though,in a team where he will 100% be allowed to express himself. After all,he was flourishing when he was at Dortmund.

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