The most impressive result was ______


The most impressive result was ______



  1. Swansea vs Liverfluke… Just imagine when they were telling us Pogba was crap. With 75mills and you couldn’t beat or at least draw one of the worst teams this season.

    Liverloose just know how to be anticlimactic… From the high of beating Man City to this embarrassing defeat at the hands of Swansea.

    One reason why i consider the premier league as the best though. If you think you’re strong… Play a weaker team and see wonders if you mistakenly get complacent.

  2. It has to go to Swansea for me, that was impressive. Even if Liverpool would have played another 30min extra nothing would have happened. Swansea for me by doing their home work & collect all 3 points from a team that is coming from beating Champions in waiting Man City 4-3

  3. Hope all Chelsea fans are happy coz the threat has been slowed down. Now we don’t need to make another draw or loose.3 points it’s something small anytime pool can get you once you make a mistake.#CFC. At least pool was able to get 3 points from city so giving them to Swansea we as Chelsea fans works for us

  4. If Swansea are not relegated Liverpool deserves a prize of good hearted team of the year seriously all other teams like man city should learn from kloop

    He punished the pep side just to save for this last team

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  6. Com certeza foi o de Swansea City vs Liverpool, pois ninguém esperava ainda mais depois de bater o líder (Manchester City)!

    Mas enfim, é mais uma valia pra nós (Manchester United) se os nossos “seguidores” perderem pontos.

    #UnitedWeStand 💪💪💪

  7. Liverpool fans after beating Man City 4-3, they be like this season we will win Epl,ucl,Carabao,World cup, win rugby, cricket then go to mars beat aliens, come back and win elctions in every country…..

    Swansea: Hold my beer 😂

  8. Wonderful SWANS, thank you Liverpool for breaking the unbeaten, wait a minute I thought you dropped this behaviour last season of cheating that you are the real men but I can’t believe what happen last night…surely you will always walk alone without the trophy….

  9. West ham v Bournemouth, absolutely thrilling encounter in the blustering winds of East London, fantastic match, you should keep the highlights of that game pinned to the top of your page

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