The children’s clothes helping to empower redheads


The children’s clothes helping to empower redheads 💯



  1. I see people people with red hair as rare and beautiful. However, it’s always the parents that fear most of stupid comments. That automatically feeds the kids into feeling awkward…. Should tell your children, they are unique and celebrate it. It’s only an issue when you yourself make it.

  2. Love this!!! I’m a redhead and wouldn’t want any other hair colour. I was never really teased about it as a child but did occasionally come across those who would make comments about “Gingers” looking for a reaction which I found hilarious 😂 Incidentally both my children have blond hair but wouldn’t have bothered me if was red as a healthy, happy baby is all that matters 💕

  3. If you see someone with ginger or redhead hair in South America or Center America no one makes fun of that ; no one is rude with this colour of hair! This is a social problem in UK which is really sad because make some kids or people trying to change the colour of their hair … People are beautiful as they are 🙂

  4. As someone with Red Hair I can understand how parents feel… I was bullied every day of my school life just for having Red Hair!!! One school even slapped Red Heads and Gingers around the head on the same day once aweek!!! It’s taken me years to learn to love my hair bit now I where it like a badge of houner… 😍😍😍

  5. Hated mine when I was a child due to horrible name calling…tried to make it blonder when I was a teenager (remember those wash-in toners?! They never took on my hair!) Now as an adult who doesn’t care what people think, I wish I had it back and that it wasn’t fading and going to the whiter side way too soon – typical 😬😝

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