The BBC has obtained shocking footage from the war-ravaged area of Eastern Ghout…


The BBC has obtained shocking footage from the war-ravaged area of Eastern Ghouta in Syria where children are bearing the brunt of the brutal civil war.

*This report contains some upsetting images.



  1. ‘Civil war’? The Empire, UK, Saudi, Israel funding and arming proxies to remove a democratically elected president isn’t a civil war. It’s regime change. The Establishment/War Industry propaganda-wing BBC misusing our money again. Utterly shameful.

  2. It amazes me how the BBC can get footage from terrorist strongholds who the Syrian national army are fighting against, but can’t get footage from the devastation caused by “US led” bombing in Iraq and Raqqa while describing the civilians there as human shields

    You went very very quiet after the Syrian army freed Aleppo, a city which has returned to peace and stability

    You are master propagandists…..and yeah, why not, reporters of “fake news”

  3. Dont forget its American and british along with other European countries along with the Rebles and Syrian government that are responsible for these types of situations….
    In WAR Everyone loses!!!

  4. Try getting to the war ravaged areas where the Kurds are being ethnically cleansed by Turkey, try going to Cyprus and tacking the issue of why Turkey is still occupying the North? God help Europe if turkey ever joins the eu, hopefully the eu will be gone soon!

  5. You ganged up against these innocent people because you hate one man and send your media to take picture of them and record their misery? God will let you and your generation pay for this atrocities against humanity

  6. This is absolutely horrible…innocent children being hurt and killed,they’ve not done anything wrong except to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s terrible to see this happening to defenseless children. I really do not know what the answers are but to hear and witness children being hurt and killed doesn’t illicit sympathy then something is seriously wrong. There’s a lot of folk on this comment section with a lack of empathy and feeling..😢😢

  7. Thanks to America and its allies the poor kids are going through hell , and we say we are fighting terrorists , and the so call pope is doing much “”indeed”” to help , demons !

  8. if the bbc go back yo allepo you will see happy smiling children all back at school now that assad has kicked the rebels out soon ghouta will be the same but then the bbc only tell us what the rebels want us see

  9. Well, if you stop calling it a civil war and start reporting it as overthrowing the government maybe the world would be able to help them.
    Corruption in media is unconscionable.

  10. And people wonder why these poor souls risk death to cross the mountains into Lebanon. The UN should feel nothing but outright shame for their complete inaction. If they aren’t there to stop this sort of suffering why do they exist? Enough is enough, it is time for the war to be finished and the UN has the ability to do that tomorrow.

  11. Why are you not posting about the destruction and the massacres of civilians in #Afrin caused by the Turkish terrorist army and their friends so called free Syrian army (previous members of ISIS militias). Shame on you BBC. I always thought you are trustworthy press.

  12. All the countries fight there and you say civil war……well ! You prove to the world how much your channel is fake! It is old fashioned try to find other reasons to spread the endocrine

  13. British fake news, why dont you talk about Afrin, nort west Syria (kurdish town). There is a brutal war going on between Erdogans army and kurdish YPG. You were taking YPG as your leading ally, now you sell them to Erdogan..

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