Spain’s foreign minister told The Andrew Marr Show many images of police violenc…


Spain’s foreign minister told The Andrew Marr Show many images of police violence after the disputed Catalan independence referendum were “fake news”:

The UK’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry disagrees.

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  1. Irrespective of independence, the violence towards both old and young, including the discharge of rubber bullets should not have happened in this day in age. There was no benefit to this violent approach.
    The dispute should have remained on a political level and not with the people

  2. Phenomenal piece of street theatre and deception which fooled the whole World into thinking the Spanish police behaved brutally and in the spirit of Franco, amazing achievement.

  3. Spain showing the world how not to do things.

    Easiest way this could have been dealt with – let them vote in the first place. If it is illegal then that just means you don’t have to acknowledge it.

    Too late now for that, Spain has dug a very big hole for itself.

  4. First, Aung San Suu Kyi copied trump’s ‘both sides’ argument to justify the rohingya Muslim genocide, and now Spain’s foreign minister copies the alternative facts- fake news narrative to sweep police brutality under the rug.

    If that doesn’t concern you I don’t know what would

  5. When a portion of your citizens are having a vote, and you claim that it’s illegitimate, you stay home and go about your business. When they come to you with the results, you ignore them. At what point in that sequence of events did it occur to you that you needed to beat people up with the police?

  6. Well, claiming anything you don’t like as ‘Fake News’, in denial of any witness evidence and actual video evidence, seems to be working brilliantly for Trump and his supporters. Clearly this is now being recognised as a totally effective and appropriate response by international statesmen.

  7. Stop misinforming the public!
    I can’t believe this is the information that BBC is delivering to the UK. Some of the images that were taken took place in different years, only 4 people were in hospital after the 900 injured that Catalonia goverment said. How can it be possible? If 900 people were injured, how can only 4 were to hospital? We are a democracy!!! If you believe social media and videos, go on youtube and see how happy is the people on North Corea. But the real situation is they are starving!
    Shame on you BBC!

  8. It’s astonishing how the BBC never mentioned that all the votes in the “referendum” totted up to more than 100% of what the Catalonian government reported. Ballots in blank + Invalid + Yes + No, makes up 100.88% of the 2.262.424 voters said to have taken part. Most of the police brutality images are fake, because they were taken from other protests in Spain and some even from some other countries. Apparently the BBC editorial is so partial that it doesn’t bother to look into what other major newspapers are reporting. Really disappointing. I encourage people to change to The Telegraph to get their news.

  9. I live in Magalluf and by the way some british deserve to be hi tres, the same for who complain fraudly to be intoxicated in hotels to have free hollidays. So perhaps BBC try to talk about this shamed topics and don’t give us lessons of european discipline

  10. So the politicians in Spain also thinks that they can change reality by calling those parts of reality that he does not like “fake”? Just like Trump? Or is it the British Shadow Foreign Secretary that has got it wrong? I tend to believe that the Spanish Foreign Minister is lying. Although probably some people posted fake pictures, there are always some who do that.

  11. My God – he’s been listening to the US President too much. If Alfonso Dastis’ photo wasn’t above the captions, we could be excused for thinking the Trumpet was speaking. “Fake news”? Who’d have thought it would become a worldwide phrase? Next thing the Trumpet will be claiming royalties – after all, he said he invented the term!!! That said, Alfonso Dastis must be blind or hasn’t seen the videos of all that violence.

  12. Spain behaviour is like Turkey but inside the UE: political prisoners, websites closed, repression, violence against voting, manipulated press and liars politicians…No democracy, no humans rights. Freedom for Catalonia!

  13. The way the Spanish government have censored and lied through the medium of its TV and media is shameful. People in Spain have been taken in by the lies and omissions.These videos and pictures of unnecessary violence rained down on a peaceful protest were all taken on October 1st, not earlier. People in Spain have been manipulated by the lies of the government and the media it controls. And the argument that the referendum was ‘illegal’ – considering the history leading up to it, is invalid and does not excuse the Spanish police violence, nor the totalitarian behaviour: censoring tv and newspapers, arresting politicians, blocking websites which speak out against the Spanish govt. All these are signs of fascist leanings.
    What Rosa Parkes did was illegal; what Mandela and Gandhi did was illegal too. Sometimes, when the ruling government acts to the detriment of people, acting illegally is the only way out. Twice since Oct 1st, the Catalans have offered talks; twice these offers have been refused. Next week, perhaps the BBC would like to have the opposing view on for balance.

  14. No fake news but biased and one sided. Really is much complex. National policemen are being suffering a tremendous harassment in Cataluña. Violence is never justifiable but they are protecting the law and the constitution. It is not as simple as many international media wants to show. People from Spain don’t want the use of force, we pursue the law and the constitution. This is deliberately incorrect information from BBC.

  15. I saw it with my own eyes in the downtown of Barcelona. He is a real liar. I never supported independence, but since then I want Catalans can decide by themselves. Spanish government is absolutely disgusting and should be warned seriously by all international community.

  16. She’s later deny it compounds it. It was clearly an unnecessary use of brutal force..dragging people out of buildings by their hair…beating them with batons….appalling brutality.

  17. BBC News. This is a question for you. When will you post something of the non independence parties? Two million voted an illegal referendum, when the results were counted, more people had voted than residents existed in more than 400 villages. Catalonia has a population of 7,5 million. Do you really think they should be independent when the results were clearly manipulated? Should Catalonia be independent when only 2 of the 7,5 milion voted? What is your point of view? I have not yet even read one post about Spanish national unity, what are you waiting for?

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