South Korea’s second-strongest earthquake – caught on CCTV.


South Korea’s second-strongest earthquake – caught on CCTV.



  1. The Hour will not happen until knowledge is taken out, time passes quickly, earthquakes increase in number, fitan (tribulations) appear, and al-harj increases in number.”

    It was said, “What is al-harj, O Messenger of Allah?” He said:

    “Al-qatl, al-qatl (killing).”

  2. It’s not God, nor is it human, nor is it any sort of revenge. It’s plate tectonics, it’s a process that has been happening for millions of years, older than human life itself. Possibly the stupidest thing that humans do is to take random events and give them a narrative. It’s pretty arrogant stupidity too, as if rocks have a human agenda. I’m seeing plenty of this stupidity played out in the comments.

  3. The first few seconds show why you never run out of a building, especially in an industrialized country. The claddings of buildings, and windows, are the first to go. Best to stay insdie.

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