So funny You can never marry my uncle… Lol Sirbalo Clinic


So funny You can never marry my uncle… Lol Sirbalo Clinic



  1. True love is when ur girl smashes ur new 12hrs old iPhone 8 on the wall😳😳 cos she saw a gal call u baby in ur chats on Facebook ::::: and u just smiled ,hug her closely nd whisper in her ears👂what designer of casket do u want” GUCCI or VERSACE?? 😂😂

  2. Na wa oooo….Satan visited me and asked me:
    “How far?..
    I told him: “I thank God for everything…”
    He laughed me to scorn..
    He said what on earth shld I thank God for?…
    He showed me my mates who are living inside
    mansions, and I said hahaaa and I showed him
    my mates who are also inside d grave…
    He showed me some of my mates who are inside
    d costliest cars in town…
    I also showed him some of my mates who are
    inside d costliest caskets in town…
    He showed me d fat bank account of some of my
    And I showed him d hospital bills of some others
    who are terribly sick…
    He took me to boutiques, to show me those who
    are dressed with d most expensive designer
    clothings …
    I took him to d prisons and cells scattered all
    over d country..and I showed him guys who were
    accused innocently who have been there for many
    years…Even their loved ones has forgotten dem
    Satan felt broken and wanted to leave me alone…
    But i told him to follow me to just one place…
    I took him to d mortuary and I now showed him
    many of my mates who are lying down there
    naked and dead …
    He could not say anything again…
    He left me and ran away…
    Friends, don’t let anything get u depressed…u are
    not a mistake,u are not an accident no matter
    what has happened to u or how bad u think u are
    faring in life…
    There is always something God is doing in ur life
    that ur enemy are envying….
    U can’t withdraw ur own money from ur bank
    without ur ATM card or bank slip…
    The Bible said that with joy we shall DRAW from
    d wells of salvation…
    There are many things to draw from God…and
    thank him still for in ur life…JOY is ur ATM card

    Without JOY,u will draw nothing…
    That is why Nehemiah, in d midst of battles, he
    was able to say: “The joy of d Lord is my
    Beloved God might not have done everything…
    But he has done many things…
    If only u know how much evil and shame that the
    Lord has spared you from in the past 10 months
    you will appreciate God for what you are today…
    To him that is joined to the living, there is
    hope….For a living dog is better than a dead lion.
    Be thoughtful, be thankful…
    David understood this and he said…
    “If it has not been the Lord who was on our side,
    they would have swallowed me up quick when
    their anger was kindled against us…
    But our souls as a bird has escaped the snare of
    d fowler…”
    Today, if u are really grateful just share this chat
    and let others know that its true that God has
    shamed the devil in his/her life.
    Remember what u are today is not the
    final…..God is preparing something bigger

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  4. STUPIDITY is when you don’t have a bicycle and you give your last penny to your pastor to buy a jet.

    MUMU is when you can’t pay your children’s school fees and yet have money to contribute to your church to build expensive schools which your children will never attend.

    IDIOCY is when you refuse to take your very sick child to the hospital because your pastor said you should not do so, yet that same pastor secretly runs to USA for medical attention any time he has a headache.

    KOLO is when you see a poor beggar on the road and you refuse to give him 50 naira out of the 5000 naira in your pocket because it is your tithe money….

    YOU are a zombie when you trek, dance and gallivant for 30 kilometers under the hot sun sweating and smelling like poo during your revival program, while your pastor is inside a full option, factory fitted air conditioned state of the art SUV with his delectable wife slow driving along the road.

    IGNORANCE is when you believe it when your pastor tells you not to live a worldly life, yet he enjoys all the best things in the world; the fine houses, cars, jets, babes etc, while you are waiting till you get to haven to enjoy your own….

    STOP worshiping your pastors!!! Stay focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of your Faith. And learn to study the word of God!


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