So funny The Movie… Lol Linjust Comedy


So funny The Movie… Lol Linjust Comedy



  1. We sincerely apologise for the intense heat all over the world . This is due to the general maintenance going on in Hell Fire. This maintenance is imperative to accommodate more Nigerian politicians when the world eventually ends. We sincerely regret any inconveniences this may have caused.

    Arch-Angel Gabriel

  2. I don’t know why male lectures rough handle female student and the female lectures do not want to rough handle the male student please oo we need to be rough handle too na

  3. This is a joke or comedy but it’s a big lesson please it’s not good to joke with people’s religion or culture leave them to their faith Bcos no one knows who will even make heaven at last and those Nigerian comedians using religion as a joke or pastors be warned Bcos your slap is still training in sabisa forest

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