Smear test fear is putting women’s lives at risk, but this doctor wants to show …


Smear test fear is putting women’s lives at risk, but this doctor wants to show that it’s nothing to be afraid of. (via Victoria Derbyshire)



  1. Yeah I’m not sure showing that is going to help anyone feel better haha! It’s painful for lots of us with endometriosis or adenomyosis but extremely important. The doctor can even prescribe a sedative if it gives you too much anxiety due to birth trauma or abuse trauma. Just vital that women have it done.

  2. Going to the dentist is worse! They should also emphasise that no one should feel embarrassed, to the Dr or nurse you are just another job to be done and they have no interest in judging you. Once every few years, please don’t put it off!

  3. Never understood people not going to their smear appointment. It’s certainly never going to be an enjoyable experience lol, but the consequences of potentially missing out on early detection are far worse than a few seconds of discomfort.

  4. What vid all this two mins of mild discomfort hogwash, i’ve been in pain for days after smear tests. Time to stop shaming women into these awful tests and research a better way.

  5. Doctor’s and nurses have seen it all before; they couldn’t give a monkey’s if you didn’t shower this morning, or if your brazillian is looking a little shaggy and your legs are showing signs of stubble. They’re not going to put it all over facebook or blast
    you on twitter!! A few seconds of discomfort is life saving. GET TESTED FFS

  6. If you can get a wax, have your eyebrows tortured get lip fillers and all the other things young women are into you can do this. It is uncomfortable but exceptionally short lived and could save your life.

  7. Even if it is painful for some (dont see how) i can guarantee its not as painful as dying from cancer, seriously its necessary and we are fortunate enough to be offered this test regularly for free, its a no brainer

  8. get your test done ladies, I failed to attend mine, and yes I had cancer, that’s seven years ago, I could have been so much worse, I was lucky stage 1, but still had everything taken away, lucky I have a child, so if you are planning a family, best get checked, don’t leave it to late. or it could be to late.

  9. Had mine done recently didn’t hurt a bit, didn’t even feel the speculum go in must hv been the new ones they are using! Longest part of it was getting dressed again lol came back all clear with 3 young kids and a mum that had an abnormal smear result ending in a hysterectomy two years ago I’d rather go through 5 mins of discomfort than suffer the consequences and come on once you’ve had kids what could be worse I feel more sorry for the nurses that have to do it!!!

  10. For ladies experiencing extreme pain and discomfort with the smear test, have any of you told your doctor this? If you have and it didn’t change, have you thought about asking for a different provider? Also lady Gynacologists tend to be better about pain and discomfort than male Gynacologists.

  11. This should be a matter-of-fact part of sex-ed at school. I left mine, didnt go for my first until i was 24 as all id heard were my moms horror stories. (By that point i already needed treatment.) Now i love my mom but i know she’s got a real bee in her bonnet about things Down There so she hated her smears and made a big deal out of them. They should just be an openly discussed part of class when kids hit 15/16. No secrecy-no big deal.

  12. Eat healthy and stay away from cancer. This test is a hoax by the medical equipment industry. This test would cost you $500. Cancer is not a disease. It is a $Billion industry!

  13. how are these young women sexually active, on birth control or even having babies if they fear getting their lady parts examined for preventative measures? wow, i had no idea it was this big of an issue. education is very much needed because it can be life saving.

  14. OMG! 🙄
    Some of these comments are so ridiculous!
    For a couple of Minutes of discomfort just go and get it done!
    Nurses don’t care what you look like or smell like…..for goodness sake they have to look at how many different vaginas during their clinic…they won’t remember yours!!
    Go and get it done….lost a very dear friend of mine because she didn’t go for one reason or another but she made her own daughters go for it!!!
    If she’d only went she may still be with us 🙏🏼💔😭

  15. Don’t be such a load of pussy’s (pardon the phrase!). A few moments of discomfort for a very important test that could save your life. I never heard such a load of moaning Minnie’s in my life! Having a bikini wax is much more painful. Get a grip girls and get on with it!

  16. FFS get over yourselves & just get it done😡. No, it’s not pleasant, or comfortable & it can be a little embarrassing but your lady bits aren’t nothing unusual to the doc or nurse – they’ve seen it all before. A moment of being uncomfortable can save your life!!!

  17. Y’know what else is putting women’s lives at risk? Not offering women under the age of 25 smears!! 😡

    I was showing signs of something not being quite right not long after having my daughter. I was refused smears because of my age (I was 22 at the time) but after pushing for a good 6 months or so, I was sent for a cervical exam (by this time I was 23). It was discovered that I had CIN2 and had to have treatment. I’m not saying that it would’ve developed in to anything if left for another 2 years, when I would’ve been 25 and “of age” for a smear, BUT it could’ve!! I could’ve been left untreated and at risk, all because of my age at the time 🤷🏼‍♀️ makes no sense…

    Ladies – get your smears done!! Two minutes of discomfort and embarrassment could save your life!! 🙌🏻

  18. I am a very private person, I don’t have children, I also have serious issues with anything being done down there because it’s invasive, humiliating and often painful. That said, I do go when called for my smear because I’m well educated enough to be aware of the consequences if I don’t. However it is unhelpful and basically unnecessary for other people, and most surprisingly other women, to call out and be almost abusive to others who aren’t as happy or forthcoming as some to undergo this unpleasant procedure. Just have a little empathy maybe, instead of pure nastiness.

  19. My smear picked up cervical cancer, went for a colposcomy and showed me on the screen.
    Had biopsy and graded 1b1 early stage cancer had radial hysterectomy, bilateral oophorectomy ( both ovaries removed) and lymph nodes.
    Had 4 chemotherapy sessions and 6 weeks of radiotherapy every week day finished my last one on my 40th birthday. Now two years clear and still having regular checks. Please ladies this is so important, I understand it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing but it really can save you life 💞

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