Senate Urges Nigerian Gov’t To Ban Importation Of Palm Oil The Senate on Tuesda…


Senate Urges Nigerian Gov’t To Ban Importation Of Palm Oil

The Senate on Tuesday in Abuja urged the Federal Government to ban the importation of palm oil into the country in order to protect local production as well as encourage farmers.




  1. What has the federal government done lately to improve local production and reduce the financial burden on the local farmers. Half baked policy decisions that never meant well for the recipient

  2. For the first time I heard the senates want the nation to progress. So is now they know that banding of importing goods that we can produce can protect local production? But I don’t think the wailers will agree with this.

  3. What a wonderful president. The first Nigeria president to like igbos more than any other tribe. I’ll suggest dat the igbo elite find BUHARI one beautiful igbo elele woman as second wife. God bless Baba BUHARI.

  4. I think it is a great idea but the issue is more complicated than that. Hence, when we place a duty on imports or ban them altogether. Foreign countries will place a duty on our exports or ban them altogether when we start to export goods and services

  5. am sure some of these senators are producers of palm oil!remember case of a judge who was found with millions of various foreign currencies only to tell law officers he was trading in agric products and importations!this is such case!!

  6. As far as i know,the senates are one of the biggest hypocrites in the country,there suggestion might be a good one but i doubt thier sincere intentions,the president should look more into it before making a move,they might hace something up thier sleeves

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