See Live Video Of The Wreckage Nigerian Army Did Inside Nnamdi Kanu’s House They…


See Live Video Of The Wreckage Nigerian Army Did Inside Nnamdi Kanu’s House They Completely Destroyed Everywhere Allegedly Killed 22 People And Took The Dead Bodies Away And Killed Nnamdi Kanu’s Dog



  1. DO YOU KNOW THAT: During the Nigerian Civil War, while Britain was sending sugar, butter and milk to the Biafrans, the same Britain was selling weapons to the Nigerian troops in Lagos. Britain gained immensely from that civil war while Nigeria and Biafra lost badly in everything and on all sides, all the billions the young country (Nigeria was just seven years old then) was supposed to use for development, they used to fight and kill themselves, our economy is yet to recover till date and that is not to mention the three million brains wasted.

    If any civil war happens again, the same people who will benefit will not be the careless and ignorant youths screaming and calling for war, it will be the sellers of the weapons, you can see how President Donald Trump is selling weapons to both Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the same time while some comedians are taking sides. Who gained from the deal? United States. It is all a game and if you are not smart, you will keep making a fool of yourself as a nation.

    If Saudi Arabia and Qatar start killing themselves tomorrow, it is none of the business of the weapon seller, they will even sell them more to finish themselves, just as the Americans are selling to the Saudis to finish off the Yemenis. The new world order simply has no time for stupid people, if you want to kill yourselves because you don’t have sense, they will happily sell to you all the weapons you need, they will even help you upgrade and do maintenance for ‘free’. After all they did not force the weapons on you, you demanded for them out of your own foolishness.

    That is why you will see in many African countries like South Sudan and Congo where people are starving to death because there is no food but in these same countries they always have money to buy plenty weapons to kill themselves. You then begin to wonder how people who are so poor they cannot feed themselves are able to get countless AK-47s. It is left for the people of Africa especially the youths to use their brains and learn from history. As young Nigerians, make your leaders in government accountable, stop defending anyone based on sentiments because it will NEVER favour you, insist on good governance and a just and fair system that will provide abundant opportunities for everyone. The world owes you nothing. Wisdom is always profitable to direct and there is no misunderstanding that dialogue cannot resolve. After all, all wars are ended on the dialogue table. STOP THE HATE SPEECHES NOW!! If u like it, kindly share please

  2. Operation Anaconda dance

    —There was Ife/Modakeke war,no operation Monkey dance
    —Hausa/Yoruba war in Ile-ife,no operation Anaconda dance
    —A cult group called Badoo emerged from nowhere and killed over a hundred souls in Ikorodu-Lagos,no operation fowl dance
    —Fulani herdsmen invaded Taraba and souls were lost in hundreds,no operation elephant dance
    —Villages were nearly wiped out in areas occupied by TIVs in Benue state which propmted Gov Otorm to say”my people have been pushed to the wall to the extent that i may not be able to convince them not to defend themselves,yet no operation tortoise dance
    —Over 400 people were gruesomely murdered in Agatu Local Govt area of Benue State by Fulani herdsmen,no operation fox dance
    —In Southern Kaduna,uncountable number of innocent men,women and children were slaughtered in blood-daylight.But we never heard of this new dance by the noble Nigeria Army rather apostle Johnson Suleman who spoke up was summoned to explain what he knew about the Kaduna killings
    —In Plateau state,it was a killing spray,kill anyone at sight.There was no proliferation of arms neither was anyone nor groups prosecuted,yet no operation dragon dance
    —The Abuja/Kaduna road has turned a kidnapping den,former ministers,former Senators etc have been kidnapped,no operation fish-them out dance
    —In Nasarawa State,over 50 police men were mysteriously slaughtered by the Ombatse people,but there was no known operation turkey dance
    —The creeks of Niger/Delta is a no-go area today;the boys have taken arms against the government,killing soldiers,police,bursting oil pipes at will and sending giant oil companies packing as well as crippling Nigerian economy;yet no operation Mammy Iwater dance
    —No one passes through Lokoja/Okene roads anymore,its either you are kidnapped or you are robbed;no one remembers operation tolotolo dance
    —How do i count them? how do i count all the evils that happened under your very own nose? how do i explain it that of all the vices you claimed you watched from your sick bed in London,the only one that deserves crushing is the ones you described as ‘miscreants’ in the south east?
    —Its only in the South East the military experiments operation python dance part 1 & 11.Hahahahaha!!!!
    —Today you are in power, tomorrow you may be no more.Those you crush today you may not have the power to crush tomorrow.But i will still advice you;since i was born,i have never ever seen fire quenching fire.You are creating problems for this nation which you may not be available solve when the time comes.We have known you and have decided whom you are from your body language and utterances.Abia is one state you should know does not fear violence.
    —Continue your python dance in such a peaceful area but also remember that pythons are not venomous but some tiny snakes are.The python may crush the tiny snakes but may not be free from venomous bites.

  3. On what basis? Any reasonable man will protect his life for the fight to continue.. FG have a lot of questions to answer.. and for the supporters of evil and injustice simply bcos they hate Kanu or they don’t want biafra to go… my bro my sis, Gunz and show of force can not kill ideology. Buhari jxt gave Kanu more igbo supporters.. Kanu is winning the war without a single Gun.. Nigerian army have jxt exposed themselves to the world.. as a learned man and a historian,, in any a country whr corruption dwells.. there is no right way to agitate. If you all call Nelson Mandela a true leader,, Don’t 4gt he was labelled a terrorist. Any wise and positive minded person knw very well that Biafra is coming soon. I rest my case..

    Let me tell you what happened. You can go to the bank with it…
    The five governors met with Nnamdi Kanu, asked him what his issues with Nigeria were.
    He told them “We want a referendum”.
    They offered him money.
    He refused.
    They asked him if he will slow down at least for them to be reelected.
    He refused. He stated clearly “there must be referendum.”
    The five governors stood infront of the press and promised to take his complaints to the presidency.
    They met with the presidency.
    They told Buahri “Mr. President, this guy cannot be bought. He wants Biafra by all means”.
    Buhari asked them. “What can we do”?
    They said. “We will give you Nnamdi Kanu, will you give us second tenure and allow us to loot?”
    Buhari said “Deal”
    They then devised a plan. In their plan, the army will come to Abia (and other eastern states) claiming they are going for Operation Python Dance 2.
    Ikpeazu will then tell Kanu to relax that nothing is happening. He is covered. After Kanu has relaxed, then the army will attack.
    This plan almost worked the first time. The plan also involved stationing the military all over South East to contain the Backlash after the assassination. However, something happened. The military men did not expect the boys at the compound not to run when they arrived. They were surprised at the suicidal nature of the boys ready to die to protect Kanu. So they retreated.
    Ikpeazu again must act to make Kanu more relaxed so the army can then mount the second and last Maximum attack.
    That was why Ikpeazu made the announcement about the Army withdrawing on Friday. That announcement was to induce Kanu to relax, sleep in his house and feel like he has been victorious. This will enable them attack, kill him and withdraw on Friday.
    That attempt also failed. So Army was not happy and made an announcement on Friday indicating they will no longer withdraw.
    They called the five governors and told them “You guys are not keeping to your side of the bargain”.
    Now, they entered into their meeting and fabricated their last plan. “Let us proscribe IPOB, so Kanu will be shot at sight anywhere he is seen”.
    My advice to Ndi Igbo. … Kick these 5 governors out by all means.
    Written By Obayoji Monday

  5. To all of you supporting Biafra, you people are mad! To you also supporting Nigeria and Buhari, you all are mad too! Infact we all are mad! Just absence of air for 20mins we all will die. Like fowl like rats. I pray the anger of God destroys this nation. Amen!

  6. Lol..: The house even look like garden of mad people. If Army tear down a house, no one needs to tell us before we know even without caption. This is a well made video just to deceive people as the so called Kanu has been deceiving those low lifer called biafrans causing chaos and problem in the country. Bastards people

  7. Rip in advance, where is kalu abi na KANU the iPad abi iPod leader
    At the age of 50 that irresponsible thing is still staying wit his parents..
    Dumb ass people.
    Do u know what war is all about?
    In the field of war no one is a winner..
    Nigerian army are not killing Igbo’s they are killing those affected wit the virus call iPob.
    Ipob is a deadlier virus than HIV and Ebola which damages brain and other part of your body, so to stop the virus from spreading since our doctors are on strike, anyone wit this deadly virus must be killed to avoid story that touches.

  8. he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!!Nnamdi Kanu remains the hero of any black race in the world today for not picking up arms to fight back even at the point of death 💀 and that is why the world leaders are all waiting for Nigeria president on this coming Tuesday which is UN meeting..and for those of you who are happy and rejoicing seeing the blood of their fellow innocent young youth been flow on the streets in the name of operation python 🐍 dance,should know that they have paid a price for their people to have freedom forever and that is why they will all continue to Rest In Peace ✌️!!I’m sorry to say this the Nigerian president has created Biafra Nation in just few days of deploying of Soldiers in the south eastern past of Nigeria in the name of operation python 🐍 dance,and their is nothing anyone can do about it now because is over to late!!!! Thanks 🙏 ###freedom for Biafra at least!!!

  9. Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing. So of the 22people that were killed by the Nigeria army, all you can put in a video is a dead dog…oh I forgot, probably since KANU is an animal, perhaps they all dogs in their house …or did he change to dog to avoid been killed?

  10. Nigerian is a God created Nation. Any disgruntled individual(s) that attempts to tear her apart will surely be accursed with eternal curse.
    Nnamdi Kanu! Nigeria is for the Igbos like She is for all other ethnic groups.
    Why are you deceiving them? Why are you endangering their lives and properties?
    Why are you trying to make them to be a despised ethnic group?
    Hey my Igbo brothers! Wake up from your sleeps of dangerous nightmares. You are there in every nook and cranny of this country doing one business or the other. The jugular vein of the economy of Nigeria is in your hands. Stop shouting of being marginalized and stop agitating for secession. You are better off being Nigerians. If Nigeria is great, united and more developed, the Igbos take the greatest advantage because your businesses will flourish beyond your imaginations.
    Therefore let my Igbo brothers be wary of people like Nnamdi Kanu and his cohorts. They are not your friends. They are are your manifest enemies. Think of it my brothers.

  11. Lol
    And you think Nigerian government have sense 😂😂😂
    They can only be good in things like this, This is what you get when an old man who’s meant to be resting is now ruling a country..
    Lemme be going to church jhare

  12. Yoruba man was withdrawing from ATM, an Igbo man was behind him, d Igbo man said: hahaha Tunde u b mumu, I saw your password , ur password is 4 stars xxxx, den d Yoruba man said: nonsense na u b mumu my password is 2233, immediately, an Hausa man who was standing at d back shouted to d Yoruba man and said your pin is not a special number, my own is 8888 beta dan urs 😂😂😂….
    Na who come mumu pass here..
    Make una enjoy una day joor..

  13. This shit is fake as hell,u can actually kill a dog and split the blood around, Pierce the wall and glasses then made a video of it thinking of drawing the attention of the UN, forgetting the UN don’t give a fuck about whatever u opinion

  14. Lol clap for yourself. If Army tear up a house you won’t even be able to go close who are you deceiving if it were army they would have burnt down that place who looks gullible here to you is like you’re high on something really cheap

  15. Lol…
    We can keep fighting like idiots, and keep making ourselves look like stupid fools for the world to see.. But the bitter fact remains that we are all brothers and sisters.. Whether we choose to accept that or not won’t change that fact from the Malam/aboki Hausa to my people Ndi Igbo to the omo Yoruba den, to calabar, eleme and plenty tribes dem wey time no gree make I mention…. We are all brothers and sisters… So whether we choose to fight as family, or love each other as family…. Blood thick pass water….

    That is all

  16. Na dis kind house a (whole) Nnamdi Kanu dey stay😨😨😨😨, and he get mouth dey call Nigeria zoo, when his house has already pictured how a zoo look like. Oga wey dey video, ” look at what dey did” where were you when they were doing it? You should have confronted them nahh, mtcheeeeewwww, abeg make Una let me hear word ooooo

  17. A military force that can’t defeat the real terrorist challenging them to a fight for years. But they are busy killing defenceless and unarmed people for seeking referendum for self determination. What a shame, a pathetic shame, buhari should be ashamed of himself cos everywhere he goes he will be faced with protest because of this gross injustice

  18. I thought u guys were shouting biafra or death. Why are u now telling us abt pple who willingly died? U should be celebrating. U guys had better be wise or else u might be d next in line. Now lemme see wat Nnamdi will do for d family of those who have lost their lives for him.

  19. Come to Abuja and see how d wealthy Igbos, hausas and yorubas are leaving in peace and harmony. Having house parties together, sharing sallah meat in one plate and d poor masses are in d east dying Nnamdi’s death. Chaii, poverty is a bitch.

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