“Sanchez & Man Utd is a match made in heaven”


“Sanchez & Man Utd is a match made in heaven”



  1. Both sides did well out out of the deal, As a United supporter I’m over the moon with the signing of Alexis, however at the same time I hope it goes well (not too well) for Mkhi at Arsenal.

  2. Wait till his ego gets bigger than the whole team when average players around him fail to deliver. Should have went to City if he wanted to win things. Can’t really understand this side step. Oh yes the bank is getting filled up though

  3. Let United fail to give Pogba what he wants then we all will see how Pogba will ruin United midfield..Am an Arsenal fan and Sanchez big time fan but wait for it when the players around can’t deliver as he expected then you will see his other side

  4. I’ll have to agree with him there. With the way he chases every ball up and down even when the time is right to sit back, he’ll definitely be a very good defender at United.

  5. The man is trouble ! His ego is bigger than Man United and so is his bad temper…he is the only one that knows football and the rest know nothing as he said ! But at least, he works hard at it..not like the others that pace themselves to make a show but not to play football…

  6. Sanchez is very talented player no doubt but after the transfer manu fan’s reaction is as if they are gonna win the epl and champions league with him for sure …. Lol

  7. All you melts going on about Sanchez and the money make me laugh, you going to stay pushing trolleys at Tesco for £6.50 an hour when you can get £8.50 at Sainsbury’s? Didn’t think so #Bums

  8. Since the premier league era start ‘With the exception of Tevez &valencia , how many South American had flop at utd… Forlan , Anderson ,Falcao ,Veron to a certain kleberson , so dun be surprised this might turn up to be another flop signing,

  9. He’ll bring them hell – will poison the atmosphere with his diva attitude and collide with the other diva Pogba sooner or later – this deal only looks good on paper. And he will have to play for a manager who likes to park the bus

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