President Muhammadu Buhari has assured supporters of his administration that the…


President Muhammadu Buhari has assured supporters of his administration that the hardship they have been enduring and the sacrifices they are making will be rewarded by posterity.



  1. Lmao..this guy is a joke. Here you have it people, love and support his government all you want, you ain’t getting any dividends off it. Your reward is in heaven lol
    The other day, he said that only God will punish looters so if you’re actually waiting to see any high profile individual tried lawfully and jailed accordingly, lol hear it you’re on a very long thing . Buhari isn’t any diferent from every other misfits that has ruled us. If there’s anything, it’s the pointer that this guy doesn’t know Jack about governance. He also admitted it by saying that he doesn’t know how to make money yet wants to control the biggest economy in Africa.

    Nigeria and Nigerians, so sorry at what you’ve gotten yourselves into!

  2. When I was in primary school,
    Buhari blamed President
    Shagari. When I was in
    Secondary school, Buhari
    blamed President Babangida.
    When I was in university
    Buhari blamed President
    Obasanjo. Now I am working,
    Buhari is blaming President
    Jonathan. When will Buhari
    ever accept responsibility? If
    Nigerians wanted someone
    who knew how to blame, they
    would have elected Milli
    Vanilli, not Buhari. You were
    elected to solve problems
    not blame people!

  3. Did you hear that? Only those who supports his administration will survive the present predicaments in Nigeria. I wouldn’t give you a reply now, until you tell me what shall happen to those who seems to be against your administration… Useless president!!!

  4. Shame on you Nigerians….., if at 21 century, u have an analogue president to run your affairs in today’s computerized and digital world! The result of our ineptitudes in choice making land us in this quagmire of once chance called “change”. Unfortunately, 2019 is so near, and many don’t bother about having their PVC ready, and majority of the onces who have will still queue at the beck of 1000 naira to vote against their conscience!

  5. Please read this:
    Published On: Mon, Mar 16th,
    Fuel scarcity: Jonathan has
    failed Nigerians -APC
    The All Progressives Congress
    Presidential campaign
    organisation (APCPCO), said the
    Jonathan administration has
    failed Nigerians in the last six
    years by it’s inability end the
    worsening fuel supply situation
    in the country and other sundry
    Addressing press conference in
    Abuja yesterday Deputy
    Director General of the Buhari
    campaign organisation Sen.
    Olorunnimbe Mamaro, said
    despite promises by the
    Jonathan administration to end
    the scarcity, motorists and
    other citizens are paying
    through their noses to buy
    above official pump price of
    N87, a price reduction recently
    hurriedly announced in an
    attempt to deceive Nigerians
    for electoral purpose.
    He disclosed that the situation
    in other parts of Nigeria has
    been that of pains, anguish and
    frustration, except in Lagos and
    Abuja where fuel scarcity has
    eased off, due largely to the
    huge presence of the media
    and very active Civil Society,
    “It is very disheartening to see
    the level of suffering by fellow
    Nigerians caused ostensibly by
    the continuing failure of the
    PDP administration in the
    country under President
    Goodluck Jonathan. This is
    against the 93 promises made
    to our countrymen and women
    when he was seeking our votes
    in the 2011 elections.
    “From the reports we gathered
    across the states in Nigeria a
    litre of petrol is selling in Aba at
    N110, in Benin it is selling at
    N150, in Uyo a litre is selling at
    NNPC Mega Station at N97
    while other privately-owned
    fuel stations are selling at N110
    per litre. In Kaduna and
    Northern states the scarcity is
    biting harder as petrol is selling
    above N120 with long queues.
    In Port Harcourt and South
    Eastern States a litre of Petrol
    sells between N130 and N150
    just as it is selling above N100
    in Ado-Ekiti and Akure. This is
    the sorry state of our country
    today. A major crude oil
    producing country depends on
    massive importation of refined
    petroleum products to meet
    local consumption.
    He expressed concerned that
    despite the heavy annual
    subsidy of over N1trillion on
    Kerosene, it is not selling at the
    regulated price of N50/litre and
    the poor masses who depend
    on this essential product are
    buying across Nigeria between
    N150 and N180/litre. The
    government and its apologists
    gleefully trumpet that the
    Nigeria’s rebased economy is
    the biggest in Africa yet the
    economy is powered by
    generators. What an irony!
    “Businesses are closing down
    because of the high cost of
    energy. Even with the fall in the
    global price of crude the pump
    price of diesel has remained as
    it was before. This has defiled
    logic. Nigerians are asking
    question why our four
    refineries are not working at
    full capacity. They want to know
    why the country is the only
    crude oil producer in the world
    that is the biggest importer of
    refined products with the
    associated massive corruption
    that is feeding the greed of the
    leaders of the ruling party, the
    He said “rather than
    confronting these issues, the
    Jonathanians in their
    Buhariphobia continue to
    engage in campaign of calumny
    and hate propaganda against
    our presidential candidate and
    other leading lights in our
    party. The APC and its
    Presidential Candidate, General
    Muhammadu Buhari are poised
    to tackle headlong these hydra
    headed socio-economic
    problems and give Nigerians a
    new lease of life.
    “This government has failed
    woefully to meet the yearnings
    of Nigerians for basic things of
    life, least of all, availability of
    petroleum products, with the
    associated industrial scale
    corruption. As a country and a
    people we cannot continue in
    this wicked, destructive and
    very unsustainable path. The
    time to save Nigeria and begin
    a process of rebuilding our
    country is now! Nigerians want
    the return of the good old days
    when we can meet our local
    refined petroleum products
    consumption and we could
    export refined products to
    other countries. Gen Buhari and
    Professor Yemi Osinbajo have
    promised to make this New
    Nigeria possible in our life time.

  6. Pst Odia A Ogbebor cos you are surviving on peoples sweat(tithe and offering) you won’t understand the posterity he is talking about. Fake pastor abeg remove that title from your name and put kidnapper Odia A ogbebor

  7. I can still remember that Buhari & APC promised to right the wrongs (if any) if voted into power. That was the CHANGE promise. They did not promise to blame any subsequent misfortune on past administrations. This blame game now shows that they have lost all ideas to save a dying nation.

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