President Donald J. Trump tells reporters that he is not only “not racist” but “…


President Donald J. Trump tells reporters that he is not only “not racist” but “the least racist person you have ever interviewed”.



  1. Is the term “third world countries” much better than “sh!thole” countries? I’ve seen many comments refer to poor countries as “third world countries” and they got so many thumbs up. The point is whether you like it or not, many people do talk like the way Trump did about poor people and people of color especially in private.

  2. What kind of person always has to say they’re the best at something, they’re the smartest, or they’re the least worst at something? He’s such a disgrace. Not at all presidential.

  3. I suspect he doesn’t really know what constitutes racism, so maybe he believes he’s right about that. He’s like those people who say, “I’m not a racist but…” and then proceed to spout some of the most racist drivel you’d ever hear.

  4. The most abusive man I ever met constantly told me that he was the nicest man, and told me that I would never meet anyone more loving and kind than him

    The nicest people I’ve ever met never had to tell me how nice they were

    Actions (and lawsuits and on-the-record statements and everything else you do) speaks louder than pre-planned statements to the press

  5. “I’m the least racist person you’ll be interviewing today.”

    List of people being interviewed:

    Slave owners.

    Oh I guess he is right when he says the least.

  6. Trump is the most intelligent,good looking,handsome,successful and smart leader who uses tongue twisting and literature words that lives the media and the whole world scrambling for the correct meanings.I agree with him not being racist.He was addressing African leaders to get our people out of ”sheathole” and breath fresh air Economically,Politically,Socially and even Spiritually.That’s a challenge and let the leaders defend our reputation.This is not a matter of White suprimercy against Black supremacy.

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