Police Officer Nearly Burnt To Death In Edo State After He Nearly Kiilled A Youn…


Police Officer Nearly Burnt To Death In Edo State After He Nearly Kiilled A Young Guy Driving A Toyota Venza Because He Thought He Was A Yahoo Boy



  1. Why too much noise from the guys and nothing is being done to the evil police man? Just held him and nothing more.They should have give him thorough beating.I’m highly disappointed in those noisy guys.

  2. That served him right so nigeria police no won use eye see any young nigeria guy that are doing well nowadays?so any clean and nice looking guy with a flashing car na Yahoo boy mitcheeeeew,

  3. So now
    Nigeria don’t want it’s Citizens to grow and succeed right??
    Cuz I haven’t seen a country were the success of it’s Citizens shud warrant their death.
    So if one is not a musician, actor or politician……but succeeds, it means the person is an arm rubber, yahoo boy or ritualist….akwa ya?
    Because they know the country itself don’t even have anything to offer to it’s youngs…..so if ur father is not Obasanjo, You’re expected to die in poverty else, if u drive car on ur own hustle, the police will shoot U to death.
    And tomorrow one will come out to call this Zoo” Their Father’s Land”
    Tufiakwa Chukwu’aju!!!

    Biafra Must Stand!!

  4. Out Nigerian police is a disgrace, filled with illiterates, please you guys should go to dubai and see children of 16, 17,18, driving latest Nissan patrol, if you are poor as a police does it Mean every body will be poor, dem for burn Dat idiot make him go greet God

  5. Una never even burn am self, lol jungle justice shifted to Police Officials lol 😂 Lmao 😂 laugh wan kill me like this…….papa wey say him pikin no go sleep, oya na e don set Lmao 😂 come sleep na, you be witch abi ????? Lmao 😂

  6. Una no get liver that’s why una no fit do anything only mouth. If na thief now una go don burn am make una burn the police wey dey kill una steady una Dey back off yeye people noise makers. If una no fit get mind do something dey will never stop disgracing and killing una

  7. With this attitude of Nigerian police they re going to fined difficult with Nigerians,and it shall come to pass Nigerians ll always disobey them and that ll cause revolution,u can’t just be causing the death of the people u re meant to protect.

  8. Very good for him.let all the Nigeria youths start doing like to the SARS and police.. We have no respect for them again.. They are useless set of people.wearing black cloth. They can’t fight one on one without gun.. Drop your gun and let face to face. I only respect a soldier even a soldier slap alone I go faint . but police kwa a slap he go land for hospital..

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  10. Pls how much is Venza biko? In some countries that car is being used as a taxi! And you want to kill a grown up man becos he’s driving ordinary Venza?? Does that car in anyway worth more than the man’s life?? Do you know how many pple that are depending on that man for daily meal, shelter, clothing, and school fees?? And you want to waste his innocent life just like that? For money that he laboured for, jezzzz! Oga police Just go and thank your God that you were not burnt to death, this is a warning, Nigerian Police are not reasonable at all.

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  12. Most of you commenting Foolishly here about Edo boys, have you confronted a police man or army in your region before, if you put that in the heart of Edo Man, they we start killing Police like foul, stop commenting like somebody from bush, if you can’t create human beings, don’t destroy one, the police will answer to his maker, if you stay in Edo state before you will know Edo Man is fearless human being go and ask

  13. All you Guy are saying rubbish because if one police officer do something wrong then means all of them abi check my profile am not like others i am proudly MOPOL. But if any of u harassed me just because am a police officer then say your last prayer. THANKS.

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