Performance of Saturday belongs to?


Performance of Saturday belongs to?



  1. City, the passes, were so imaginery, lovely interchanging from them, there was lots of movement, truly curved Newcastle apart. Leroy Sane was absolutely incredible tonight👏👏👏

    The game was nice to watch as much as Newcastle parked a serious bus in the first half.

  2. “Aguero is the best ” said ome City plastic fans after today’s game who were slagging him and calling him bad names. they have forgotten what he has done for them over the years

  3. I mean arsenal scored 4 in what like 22 mins or something? But then the rest of the performance wasn’t anything special from what I hear but the sheer fact they scored 4 in that time is probably the performance of the lot. That or Chelsea.

  4. Hello my fellow Man Utd fans, don’t let our win distract your attention from the fact that,, Bakayoko came from France the media said he’s top class 40m a good bargain. Bakayoko sweats 50litres again and chelshit fans are here and there crying in pains. #GGMU😹😹😹🤣

  5. Chelsea, I am not saying this as a Chelsea fan but as a neutral. We had goaless draws vs Leicester and even struggled to beat norwich in full time. Morata was out due to suspension and without him they we were lethal. Willians goal was the best and imo this is the best performance ive seen this season

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