Patients in the corridors, ambulances backed up outside, exhausted staff. The BB…


Patients in the corridors, ambulances backed up outside, exhausted staff. The BBC was given exclusive access to a hospital struggling to cope with NHS winter pressures.
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  1. Britain is rapidly turning into a 3rd world country!! Anyone who watched that elderly lady in pain forced to lay on a trolley for hours should like me be angry!! All our public services are in crisis and the politicians continue to fiddle while Rome burns!!

  2. No one looks like doctors or nurses now. No white coats, no head wear or aprons on nurses. Since they did away with the old style matrons the standards, the organisation, cleanliness have all gone.

  3. Don’t give up on the nhs. American and Australian health care system is worse. In Australia if you don’t have private health care which is expensive you have to pay for everything even the pill and an ambulance.

  4. It’s awful seeing the state of the NHS. The nurses and doctors dealing with so much on a daily basis deserve heartfelt gratitude. The people responsible for it should be feeling very proud of themselves!

  5. It’s time to stop foreign aid put the NHS and the rest of the country straight – police, fire brigade etc. Then, and only then, start giving out aid. I don’t know how long it would take but in my eyes it must be done!

  6. I’m sitting in an NHS hospital bed as I write this.
    This unit closed down for a fortnight to send it’s staff to the main hospital to help with the crisis.
    It opened yesterday for urgent surgical cases only.
    The staff are exhausted but are the most hard working professional and compassionate people you will ever meet. They’ve been through the mill and then some.
    And they deserve all the credit in the world.

  7. Why are people going to hospital with flu? Stay home, rest and take paracetamol, there is nothing else they can do. I wonder what it’s going to take to make the government wake up and see what’s going on.

  8. I went to the A&E on Warren Street in London in winter 2008 for a cut that didn’t stop bleeding, and in winter 2011 for slipping on slush and hitting my head on the pavement. I had to wait anything between thirty minutes and an hour to be seen. I was in the country legally and during my stay I paid my dues.

    Ten years later, I cannot relate to the images shown on this clip. It has become so bad. Wake up Britain, this is a foretaste of Brexit. It will only get worse. I feel so sorry for everyone as NHS pre-Brexit was the best public health care system I’ve ever experienced firsthand.

  9. Weird, it almost seems like the conservatives are starving the NHS of funding in order to degrade the quality of service so that people will support privatization and profitization of the healthcare system.

  10. I think it is so easy to blame immigration. The issues are more than that. Bad management and waste plays a massive part, People going to A &Eve when they don’t need to

  11. There is only two things wrong with the NH, one they are top heavy and 2 kept dreadfully short of cash. Lets not send money to other countries when our own is in need. This is a shambles only due to the Conservatives wanting to go private. God help you all when it does.

  12. All of you, stop! Immigration, Brexit etc. have nothing to do with the strain on the NHS! On one side, you have elderly and long-term patients who can’t get decent social care (because that absolutely is chronically underfunded)! On the other side, there are people going into A&E when they don’t actually need to be there, but that those on shift are too scared to send away just in case the unthinkable happens (i.e. someone dies). To the majority of people, I say this: learn how to look after yourselves better; nationwide education is more than sufficient to teach everyone to understand that the majority of issues can be dealt with either by leaving them to repair themselves naturally, or via over-the-counter medication. When you get ill, for God’s sake don’t go online and look up the symptoms because you’ll always end up thinking you’re at death’s door when you’re actually only mildly ill – remember that most of those information sites are for reference only, not advice or guidance for treatment. For that, you must see your GP!!! Finally, among other things, get all your booster vaccinations done, less alcohol, less fast food, more exercise, definitely no drugs or tobacco, et voila you have yourself a much better lifestyle. All of this will result in an NHS that works at optimal efficiency for people who actually need it on a day-to-day basis. Trust me, I’ve grown up around parents working in the social care sector and have been in and out of hospitals all my life for two major genetic conditions. I think I know what I’m talking about.

  13. People forget, we are living longer so the elderly are a continued strain, we have a massive population explosion adding to that, and successive governments have failed to improve and expand a old system thats now simply at breaking point…

  14. People start using A&E for actual accidents and emergencies!!!! 1/2 of the people in A&E could have gone to a walk in, minor injuries or pharmacist.

    BUT NO! the mentality of many is my taxes pay for this so I’m going to sit in A&E

    *obv if it’s 2am and something is majorly wrong then go A&E otherwise there are other options guys and gals. USE THEM

  15. How much of the extra money allocated this winter has gone on patient care? I suspect very little, instead being used by managers to look at bed management that never changes the actual problem. Front line is health service staff are broken from the pressure constantly forced on them. Then held accountable when things go wrong.

  16. As an American recently relocated to the UK, I’ve been following this story closely. Frankly I’ve been so surprised to see this presented as a collapse of the NHS, or these pressures and wait times as abnormal, because this crowding, stress on patients and practitioners is the everyday norm for care in American A&Es (ERs as we call them). And on top of waiting 6-8 hours in pain, we pay crippling bills after an ER visit (often months to pay off even for a middle class person with health insurance). My experience as an NHS patient has been great (although I have not been to A&E). My observation is that it must have been truly excellent care for this level of disruption to become national news– it’s almost shocking to me. I do hope funding is channeled back into the NHS to relieve this pressure. After years of dealing with marginal care and incurring medical debt (Over $15,000 paid) in America, I hope that system someday operates as well as the NHS.

  17. It’s hard to fix this now that people got used to have free healthcare. People rather going through this instead of paying some extra money and having 5 stars treatment. It’s a shame that NHS has the monopoly of the health service is this country. Would relieve the nhs alot if the private service was not almost nonexistent .

  18. I’ve used both systems. Both have their good points. Both have their bad. But I would take the NHS over the US insurance system anyway. Every time you have to go to the hospital or doctors in the US. even if you have insurance you still get a bill of some kind. Bankruptcy is just one illness away.

  19. The NHS needs a complete overhaul.

    It is no longer able to operate in the way it was intended when it was originally set up.
    Advances in healthcare and numbers of people using NHS for whatever reason is the problem.
    Money alone is not the answer.

    Services and management need reviewing as do the people who access free care and prescriptions without having paid any taxes or national insurance towards the service whether from home or abroad.

    The number of missed GP appointments is appalling maybe charge for those missed, yes even those on benefits pay a small fee if they do not attend.

    A massive task but it needs starting now. Money alone is the sticking plaster a cure is required.

  20. It doesn’t help that 5m extra people have arrived in the uk since 2010 no system in the world can cope with that influx,no wonder public services are under so much pressure.

  21. And yet down the road in Hartlepool they shut the A&E and downgraded the hospital’s services. You can blame the Tories if you like, but you should really blame New Labour and the Blair creature. New hospitals were financed on expensive PFI initiatives that we’re still paying interest on now. Several perfectly good if old hospitals were closed to make way for them yet the new hospitals often had fewer beds and ward space than the old ones they replaced. These buildings were/are assets and it is wasteful to shut/downgrade them – the thinking is as shortsighted as Beeching with the railways as it doesn’t take account of rising populations or an aging populous. This included closing much need convalescence hospitals for the elderly. The obsession of senior NHS bosses to have ‘Centres Of Excellence’ has taken key care services away from local communities and put intolerable pressure on the ambulance service – what makes life easier for senior clinicians does not make it easier for frontline nurses. The Tories are just continuing the failed decision making, and Hunt’s short-termist thinking includes staffing hospitals with expensive agency workers because we’re not training and recruiting them like we used to. They should bring back teaching hospitals.

  22. Over 30% of people turning up at A&E are far from needing emergency treatment. If the NHS were to have a more efficient ‘Walk in Centres’ it would alleviate the problem. This highlighting the ‘frantic’ scenes by the BBC is another shot at trying to get Theresa May out of Downing Street.

  23. This does not happen in countries who do not have nationalized healthcare. You poor people criticize the American healthcare system because it has coverage limits. Yet… there is no healthcare rationing or patients screaming in the halls of American hospitals.

    Your problem with the NHS derives from every political party that ever had a hand in it, as well as the British public who demanded, abused it and expected a socialized healthcare service to serve the public when socialism is always a failed attempt at equality. Socialism merely makes all people equally worse in their conditions.

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