oyinbo lady caught eating fufu and egusi


oyinbo lady caught eating fufu and egusi



  1. Caught Ke, wtf is wrong with African mentality, Yellow paw paw eating fufu is now a news but Africans eating Salad and the whites continental food isn’t news, Awsh Inferiority complex is really bad 👌

  2. if men can’t notice me lemme advertise my self them go hail… cause I got it all! Just as I am now miss world omg🙊 guys check me out how do I look omg🙊 am flattering🙄 I know some people will be jealous of me but I don’t care🙄

  3. Yay..finally, Congrats Nigerians! A bag of rice now N6,500…this is what we all have been waiting for! (See page 52 Vanguard newspaper, August 1999). Just love reading old newspapers.😇😂

  4. If n.a. Yoruba woman cook that food hmmm sister Oyinbo go get your electric fan ready take it alongside a mat and make yourself comfortable in front of your rest room. Your anus will make u testify. Hallelujah

  5. Philippines oyibo too
    Oooooo chim, our problems will end d moment we accept who will are. Celebrating her cos of the Garri and the egusi soup meanwhile I have been eating this same Garri for years and no one noticed me, grannies have been taken this for ages and no body applauds them. May God forgive that man that introduced inferiority complex cos its actually affecting us.

  6. What is wrong about that ? A black person can also eat oyibo’s food as well. Some of these local journalists sometimes exhibit very primitive and childish talents and I don’t like it because this is a disgrace to the name of my country (Nigeria )

  7. FYI she isn’t oyibo….and u guys should stop making yourselves look stupid in the social media. I don’t see any big deal if someone who is not of the same race with you eats ur fufu okay ?? I had ate so many kinds of food including Thai…chinese….malay….English and western food and hvnt seen anyone video taping me to say I ate their food so abeg make no big deal out of nothing.

  8. And so ? Big deal. I never see myself and many of us on the news for eating their western food😉😉🤬🤬🤬. Shallow mind. The low mentality of some African people will kill them. Nkt 🤬🤬

  9. After 21yrs with Nigerians i cook like one of them ,even if my collor still showes am oyinbo😂😂 …. okkra .. egusi.. akara.. pepper soup..banga.. ogbono…efe riro.. jollof..cow tail.. stock fish. . shakki.. yam..fufu.. and many many more….. I ♡ Naija dishes since i was just 16…. n now am perfect in cookin them♡ Txxxx Alot for givin me the chanze to learn more n more n more…. day by day😊😊

  10. So what?… Why don’t you guys post stuffs like ” Nigerian lady caught eating sushi, lasagna, pizza or Chinese mushrooms.” .. I don’t know what’s so special about this post

  11. well..I met a Nigerian ibo guy who insisted that we fix his cultural food sometimes..I must say..I love fufu..and egusi..among other dishes he showed me how to fix and I’m an African American blk woman here in the USA….


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