Orangutan mother leans in to kiss her newborn baby in tender moment


Pucker up! ❤️

Orangutan mother leans in to kiss her newborn baby in tender moment



  1. They are “great apes, vegetarian and humans share 97% of their DNA with them.
    They don’t get human diseases like heart disease in the wild…..only in captivity.
    They aren’t polluting the oceans or polluting the thin band of protective gas so much it is altering weather into unpredictable patterns; they have no prisons or gangs and they don’t kill each other. They don’t artificially exalted one member and throw the others into homelessness. They don’t manipulate each other with numbers either.

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  4. Orangutans hold their babies and protect them while some parents torture their kids until death .. Ex .. Florida case .. Last week .. Its not respectful to call some animals animals ..

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