Obasanjo’s Press Statement: History Beckons To Buhari By ‘Tope Oriola I read w…


Obasanjo’s Press Statement: History Beckons To Buhari By ‘Tope Oriola

I read with keen interest the press statement issued by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The statement offered the perspective of one of the key players — for better or worse — of Nigeria’s national life.

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  1. OBJ, a man who after spending eight (8) years as president without solving all Nigeria’s problems. A man who sought for an additional unconstitutional four (4) years is the one asking Buhari not to recontest his legit and constitutional second term? Even after admitting his outstanding performance in two (2) areas which is security and fight against corruption?

    By the way, Buhari’s main campaign areas were (3) three, which is security, fight against corruption, and economic diversification. If you agree that he outstandingly performed in two areas shouldn’t that be enough reason why Nigerians should give him another chance on the third and so also to better the previous two areas?

    As for me, I believe Buhari will restrategize and do better. So me and my household will stand by him comes 2019.

  2. the question is not wether buhari bows out or recontest,i blv what every nigerian shuld now think abt is a good replacement!now,i want us all to reason together:since its so obvious the crown wuld and must fall on a northerner(at least to allow them for two consecutive terms)i wuld like every1 to suggest 3names each of ppl from the north.pls be sincere with these names bcs we are no more interested in #trialbyerrorcandidate.tanx.

  3. Give Buhari another 20 years, he’ll still fail I only appeal to brother Buhari to consider a deserved rest at
    this point in time and at this age.
    Buhari has overstayed his welcome if President Buhari is being criticized in his own bedroom, by persons who eat his pepper and palm oil,

  4. APC was quicker in giving immediate solutions to every problems when they were not in government but good in giving problems to all solutions when they finally got to power

  5. Obasonjo is a selfish Man, he did 2 terms tenure and nothing to show for it, infact Nigerians were more poorer during his govt, he callously wanted to amend the Constitution to go for 3 term but was turn down by National assembly, this corrupt elderstateman advicing Buhari not to recotest in 2019. You are Joking, Buhari till 2023

  6. Obasanjo talk well but allow PMB to complete his 4yrs tenur “that would determine his re-election 2019″THIS’S A BIG SERIOUS CHALLENGE TO PMB IN THE HISTORY OF NIGERIA & NIGERIANS…. KUDOS TO OBJ!!!

  7. As much as I sympathise with obj sentiment, I see playing holia than thou. For 8 years oil was booming in a mono economy what dividend was for the masses? Plane crashes, ajala travel, sales of patrimony to himself and cronies etc. Less I forget he want third term, therefore corruption became an edict in the national assembly ie 50 million bribe saga and several Ghana must go displayed on the national assembly floor. Who swear naija? Only God’s kingdom will satisfy mankind.

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