Nigerian Woman Catches Her Husband Red Handed Cheating And Pours Hot Soup On Him


Nigerian Woman Catches Her Husband Red Handed Cheating And Pours Hot Soup On Him



  1. Actually my phone cant view the video but i think the gal has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to the village elders. But if the neighbor refused to pay the rent, they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car.不不不不不

  2. Two wrong can’t make a right and there are better ways to address such issues……. A woman of wisdom will not use an attack to correct wrong habitat, because it could result to retaliation or violence

  3. So after disgracing him u still left him in the hands of the side chick and expect him to come home by himself. U re wise for not touching d side chick. Sister go back and carry ur husband because his babe doesn’t look like someone that is ready to go

  4. Wait o, it’s obvious this wife assault the husband always. Maybe that’s he’s cheating, slap+soup to face+ her last word you will meet me at home, meaning no leave at home for him that’s why he seeks peace outside ,wife like this will make u hang out at bar prefer outside than home

  5. Nothing like cheating here.d lady over reacted.wat if d chick was just eatn on her own b4 d guy decided to join her in d same table. O yes!!! Something like this can happen.women should be wise pls

  6. If i were da man..i cheat more en i even chuck can she beat up da person she loves in public!!at least she would av showed him dat she has seen em..dats enuf cos dude would feel guilty afterwards…jeez!

  7. i dont know why we men are so selfish and think we can cheat and expect our women to be humble even catching us, and when our women just think to cheat then fire fire everywhere , please brother thief wey them catch na him dem go show the whole world .. please go home and beg your wife and dont go back to your old ways…but for the main time apkosu must hear this …

  8. Some girls are funny, they will tell a guy that ” It’s over between us ” When the guy says Okay, she will be like

    ” Just Like That?”

    Ah my sister What were u Expecting? Closing Ceremony??

  9. In as much as I hate what that woman did, I cannot help but put most of the blame on the man… How can u be married, but u’re out with another woman?? What sense is therein? Some men can’t just hold their libidos, and that is extremely bad. Men should stop embarrassing themselves, and go and love your wife. Your one and only. She has everything you think u can get outside. Treat her right, make her beautiful, and voila! You have urself someone 2 enjoy. Stop disgracing urself. I rest my case

  10. Well some cases of the husband, the wife will pick a fight with the side chick. Some cases, she would just walk away at the moment. Some cases she would drag the hubby home. But in this case, we all know the kind of wife and woman she is. Just seeing your hubby with a woman in a restaurant, doesn’t mean he’s cheating. Well, God help us all esp we that are yet to marry. Don’t blame some persons who are scared of marriage…. SMH

  11. I don’t support violence of any type either to a man or a woman so this woman was wrong totally for reaching this way. But that man was shameless, you see your wife boiling and you are asking her to calm down, he was even sitting comfortably and his wife was asking him, what did you tell me (meaning he may have lied about his whereabouts) and also told him you do this all the time (meaning he is not even hiding his cheating act) the woman is obviously fed up and reacted immediately. Too bad

  12. The girl may be the one struggling just to make her family survive frm her salary, the stupid man will go out and hangout with other gals, denying his not yet married.. Some men are the cause of some problems we having in relationship today…

  13. If they are married, he deserves the public assault. Married people should always stay married and not cheat on their other half. Simple as that. The other man saying rubbish there, is just looking for attention. His type gets worst beating from his wife at home. Fools

  14. OK you caught your husband eating with a lady, which he can outrightly deny he wasn’t cheating, it was just lunch. You gave me two resounding slaps in public, poured soup on him and left,telling him he’d meet you at home.
    My sister, I better not meet you at home o.
    That’s how ladies with dumb brains handle sensitive issues as this..
    Dear Ladies, reacting with violence doesn’t make us wanna change.. Subtlety does it. Subtlety my friend!!

  15. The other day I read about a woman who poured her husband hot oil because he cheated on her and the man died after two days… Hmmmm… Now this..I am not married ooooo but I will some day.. I know it hurts to see the one you love cheats on you… But please my fellow women we should try as much as possible to control our anger.. It can destroy what we have built for years.. Sometimes we don’t know why this men cheat… They aren’t born to cheat rather some characters we exhibit makes most of them to cheat… I know nobody is perfect but we should try as much as possible to know the person we are living with…I pray that God helps us to control our anger… AMEN..

  16. I don’t no abt others but my wife have no right to slap me I can’t tolerate that rubbish from any woman seeing two ppl eating in restaurant don’t mean they are lovers

  17. Next time sister,when you see ur husband in such situation, pretend as if nothing is wrong,embrace him,be like,hello Darling, so this is where you come and hide urself and you live ur baby at home,don’t you know I will miss you?OK let them give me something nah…start talking about your home and the children….
    Believe me,if truely he came together with the lady,the lady will live there herself, and that can even break the relationship between her and ur husband…. Be wise o

  18. Chai,this woman is a bully
    You did not catch him banging the woman,and you ended up disgracing yourself and your husband.
    From his reaction, the woman is the man and the man is the woman.
    How can you slap your husband in a restaurant when you have no knowledge of who he is eating with.
    Shame on you this woman,you are a big fool.
    Clap for yourself for disgracing yourself and your husband.
    Knuckle head

  19. I pity my future hubby if am to be that woman (God4bid)

    1. Will work in.

    2. Sit very close to them

    3. Take the highest wine

    4. After digesting the wine

    5 will stand up and walk away, off course will tell the bar attendant to get her money from my hubby .

    No time to die, men are not worth killing yourself or getting high blood pressure . How many times will you keep slapping him mbok.

    Ladies alwsy have this at the back of your mind, you where once single and happy.

  20. she shouldn’t have slapped him or poured soup on him…. Give him that respect … Walk away from him instead of disgracing ur self.. She didn’t even let him explain anything, this is the kind of wife that hear side talks…. That’s not even an hotel room but an restaurant….. This woman need brain surgery

  21. Chai nne that’s too much na,u would hv kept calm until he returns b4 lashing out on him like that,this is Nigeria ooo not American where u go do any how and get away with it,I know is unbearable u just hv to control ur self pls.


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