Nigerian primary school kids seriously praying and speaking intongues


Nigerian primary school kids seriously praying and speaking intongues



  1. Wonderful kids and an anointing flowing teacher.I can see many ministers of God raised from this class.Those that will not steal from their members but rather help the poor and the needy.Teach your child in the way he should go so when he grows it won’t depart from it.Thanks aunty may your monthly salary be increased from 25k to 50k

  2. Good morning to all gossip mill Nigeria family.I pray as we start our day in Jesus that no weapon fashioned against us today shall prosper.As we go out to hustle we will return in peace.Evil will not see us and we won’t see evil ijn.

  3. If truly we fear God in this Nation, we will not be looting our treasures to another’s man village. So leave them alone who can tell if they are the ones God will use to deliver this Nation

  4. What do little children know about tongues? Is that a school or a church? They are breeding them to become fake pastors so as to add to the ones we have already abi? Proliferation of churches… That’s why we are not growing. Instead of the teachers to instil discipline and morals they are busy turning them into prayer waoooo

  5. Na God go punish dis oyinbo ppl for dis thing dey did to us,brought us religion n take away our culture n traditions. Imaging children dat r suppose to b learning at dis time,r wasting there precious time rabarabatating in d name of prayer. Didn’t dey pray at home bfor coming to school?

  6. They’re ones that cannot come and kee themselves😂😂😂😂….just playing along.

    I perceive truth and sincereness in worship but about speaking in tongues 1st cor14:26-33 is against what they’re doing
    If anyone be it a pastor, imam or church member wants to speak in tongues in the church or public, there must be an interpreter and only one person should speak in tongues at a time not two or three..because our God is not a confused God, he does His things in order

  7. They shouldn’t start these kids like this…They need brain for innovation and not speaking in tongue..Charge there brain first at tender age…This is where religion brought us to…We pray for everything and we don’t act anymore

  8. Even kids knew the significants of prayers, how much more private jets owners in Nigeria. I said pastors should come together and pray for Nigeria, they are there watching and pointing fingers at me. Even some of those pastors need deliverance. Kids, i encourage you to keep your prayer life up. Prayers answereth all things.

  9. Religion have nothing to do in school it’s a private practice it doesn’t help this kids in future this is why Nigerian will never move forward wasting they time for something that will never benefit them in society, these brainwashing of kids with religious have to stop it purely time wasted.

  10. Those people that are against this,may God help u pple,this is morning devotion,depnds on school ok,i knw the school that’s there routine b4 the start any lesson,it mks the kids to draw more closer to God,point of correction they are not speaking in tongues,go watch the video very well n stop insulting n conderming them n rather appreciate them for singing n praying with pure heart

  11. The Bible said teach a child the way he should grow that when he grows up he will not depart from it,i dnt see anything wrong with this,it was moral instruction day,and this school is a missionary skul. Am happy about it cuz this type of skul made me Wat I am today.thank God for my Alma mata Evangelist nursery and primary school.i started doing fasting as of my primary 2.missionary school is one of the best

  12. With all sincerity and humility. It doesn’t matter where and how you serve/worship God.
    Spiritual things will never be understanding to a carnal man. These children praise God with a sincere heart.
    They acknowledged God in their field of study to guide and direct them because the days are evil. It is better to raise them this way than to raise them the other way.
    (Proverbs 22:6) This children are raised to know God.

    I pray for you if you believe, make all your problems be over now in Jesus name. I tap into the cry of this children on your behalf….you shall see no shame in Jesus name!

    All you’ve ever ask of God, before the end of the year it will be testimonies in Jesus name.

    Your life will never be a mess! Nigeria will know peace again!
    Your children will serve God!
    Your children will not bring you shame!

    Amen! God bless us all.

  13. See how they re brainwashing all this infants huh. Well i also do more than this in my own time, our proprietor then was even a pastor member at mountain of fire, so na fire fire fire we do shout every morning, but d fire never light a matches lol ….well just a matter of time they may also be free from religion bandages. #religionsucks

  14. That’s the basic foundation of the problem setting Nigeria backward…. Religion. They pray for guidance without strengthening the security, they pray and fast for Gods provision without job creation, they pray everyday to avert motor accident without doing constant MOT and no good road….. Keep praying guys, angels are coming to fix all our needs soon. We should do our own part 90% like other developed nations. God won’t fix things for us.

  15. I pity this nation, these are d future 419 that will be seen fake vision in d years to come. They left their primary assignment and started speaking unfamiliar language called prayer…May God have mercy on them

  16. Prayer is very good, but I can’t bring my child to school and someone turns him to speaking in tongue warrior when it’s not our thing, u r trying to instill in them your own belief n doctrine of speaking in tongue, Pray normal prayer with them n start teaching them.

  17. This school is breeding mediocre and not quality student. The propietor should be investigated and sanctioned for turning learning period into prayer rooms. It is not even good for child development

  18. Its a v good thing for kids to pray nd worship accordingly BUT with this I feel they r being thought like “acting”
    God bless these kids if this is v real nd de they actually knws what they r doing nd understands it


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