Nigerian man Proposes To His Girlfriend With A Car


Nigerian man Proposes To His Girlfriend With A Car



  1. This is what we want to be hearing, propose with car, wedding anniversary, child dedication.
    Not stabbing, husband killer, husband snatcher. Rape or divorce. To all single ladies out there, your hubby will slide in very soon.

  2. Nigerian girls please accept the proposal of a man without car too it’s not everybody that must have car! I know many will be like oh God why not me!!😂 But please remember not everybody must have all arranged some are still upcoming. Don’t let earthly things make you to drive away your future boo ✔✔

  3. Some men mumu eh! You bought her a car cos you wanna propose? Now, no one would ever know if she’d reject the proposal or not, cos the answer is definitely a yes. When she leaves him during his time of difficulty, he’ll tag all women gold diggers and go on revenge mission against women😒😒

    I’ll do my proposal in my room where she can at least have the opportunity to turn me down so as not to say yes because she don’t want to fall my hands.
    A lady once told me she would say yes to any guy that proposes to her outside but they would review it inside because she don’t want to make him seem like a fool

  4. I watched the video yesterday n I love how humble n surprised the girl was
    It shows she deserved all the love the guy was giving her n even more

    N her friends r cool
    But she should beware of unfriendly friends

  5. God bless you for proposing with a car , God also bless you for accepting too. A successful guy like this wouldn’t be a mumu. He must have observed her well enough. Even if she leave him eventually, he had already make up his mind as sacrifice. She must have bless the guy one way or another.

  6. And some guys will start having chest pain 😎😎😎
    And some girls will start thinking twice about their relationship 😎😎😎
    Just know one thing, weather he proposes with a car or not… Find true love and stay happy…
    Put materials aside and find your true love😘😘

  7. You guys should stop hating and pray to be lucky like her one day, she’s not even too beautiful, yet she was treated like a queen, my sister it’s not about wearing show breasts and short skirt, it’s about waiting patiently for the right man. Congratulations to them

  8. Which girl u go give 1k say take go buy pant and she will refuse …. for Nigeria today ? When she saw car and u xpect her to say NO ….. noway my brother … th answer is capital YES ….. marriage like this don’t last …. ask Tonto more about this like this …..

  9. This kind of proposal always come with 100% sure the answer will be YES. How can you use a 🚘 instead of 💍 and expect she can turn down your proposal? Who no like better thing? That guy that rejected his girlfriend’s proposal was bcoz she used ordinary 💍 which is very common. Assuming she use a 🚘 that guy would’ve accepted it sharp sharp.

  10. This is the most stupid idea of propose ever, I will rather act like a poor guy and propose to my woman to see wish one she’s after, my wealth or a true love, before I open up to the real me

  11. The girl already accepted the ring inside the restaurant, before the guy took her outside and gifted her the car, but her friends shouting Na something else o, you sure say the happiness reach their heart so? Just asking,
    Meanwhile where are these Indian snake masters, I need to contact them for an urgent Job in Aso rock, as there is no money remaining in Jamb office….😄😄😄

  12. This is so real. What a surprise! it’s written all over her that she is reaping the fruit of her Labour.. because if you propose to a slay queen with a car. She won’t go on her kneels or cry.. she must have remain true while he was still managing his life. He is so cute too. He must have seen it all before choosing her.
    Don’t envy people you don’t know their story.

  13. The problem I have with Nigerians is that they don’t mind their businesses, everyone Don turn adviser, you people should face your own problems and leave their engagement and marriage alone, Haba!!!

  14. World people will be shouting is a lie is a white car uooooo🤣 well🍾Congratulations i believe this girl struggled with him when he had nothing.

  15. She must be a very humble, appreciative , supportive and respectful lady with an incomparable character.
    I don’t know her, but her humility is obvious, which justifies the fact that she deserves this and more.
    Endurance wins every race !!
    Every real man truly in love with an outstanding good woman would genuinely desire to do so for such a lady even when he lacks the means.
    She’s a rare humble Gem !!

  16. That’s not a proposal. That is Bribery and Corruption of the institution of proposing… 😂. F that… If I was to propose to a Nigerian girl, I’d make her feel I’m poor… If she goes ahead and says yes… Her wedding present will then be a car…and a honey moon in Paris.
    Only a guy who isn’t too sure of her love proposes with material things other than a ring.


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