”Most Girls Are Whores Always Sleeping Around” – Nigerian Lady, Linda Uju Ken …


”Most Girls Are Whores Always Sleeping Around” – Nigerian Lady, Linda Uju Ken Reveals



  1. Three people I can’t trust in this life❌❌
    1 Girls 👧
    2 Ladies 👩
    3 Women 👵

    Even when my mom said “tell me the truth and I won’t flog you😢😢”
    The story didn’t end well 😂😂😂

  2. No be today na long time ago . When you’re broke – nobody sees you.
    You start grinding – they start to notice you
    You make it – they swear they know you.

    Keep your circle small. Never forget those that stayed in your corner when you had nothing.

    Loyalty makes us family.

  3. We call that hustling and packaging..if you don’t hustle you will not learn 😉..and more over I don’t care.. Girls are hVing fun.. If you feel for them..just call the one you know and change her life.. You can start up a business for her bro

  4. I’m an oyinbo who dreams of having the most liked comment on one of Gossip Mill Nigeria’s posts.

    Please help me achieve that dream.

    I humbly thank you in advance. 🙏🏻

  5. She said most Nigerian girls .okay my beautiful ladies in the house, if you pay your house rent. School fees. Buy electricity. And don’t depend on anybody. Can you simply identify yourself by linking this post?

  6. As much as I think you’re a nuisance whose only purpose in life is to seek attention but I think I have to agree with you on this one. It’s not strange to know that most girls of today are harlots because we live in a very materialistic era where the love for vain things and things that depreciate over time are quite rampant.

  7. For her to hav said “MOST GIRLS” that means she’s included.. and that what she does too sleeping around wit men.. bcos if she’s not among them she wouldn’t be talking abt ‘WHORE’

  8. I just pity we d guys. Coz to be in a relationship dis days is like playing bet9ija. The more ur time and resources invested as stake d higher d blood pressure rises after ur game cut. To those who r jumping. Continue .o. but please don’t jump n come my way o. 😂.

  9. See someone should just advice her to stop this Accent first.. What is this. And we have seen girls like her who even post Bible verses on facebook and Whatsapp just to make people feel they are saint but……….. Na them be the men them Daddy.. Let me just go what do I know

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  11. This video did not play on my phone, but what I noticed is that the Fulani man is the one that started the trouble he slapped the road safety man without asking questions and now it affected our transformer, since three days now no light and the clothes I was supposed to wear 2 church this morning got burnt by the useless pressing iron I bought from a navy officer, I don’t even know where to run to cuz there’s a small fire wood burning in my hand, smoke everywhere 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃

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