Majek Fashek’s manager threatens to beat Daddyfreeze over his criticism


Majek Fashek’s manager threatens to beat Daddyfreeze over his criticism



  1. can I ask this question?
    I just finished eating in my friend’s house.. How long should I stay before going… So that they won’t think it was only food I came to eat?
    😕 😕 😕 😕

  2. This people keep distracting us with rubbish news, to forget that this buharis administration is a disaster to every average Nigerian…I can’t even kill chicken for this Xmas..😓😓😓

  3. Popsy freeze should take this threat serious o bc bak in the days majek fashek was a bigtym wanxstar/gangstar so if his manager thrratens to beatup…just knw the bull gog 🐂 🐶 aggression bin transfered to the manager……..😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Look at this manager that is looking like Kenyan monkey, what do u know? Light and darkness can never be brothers. Imagine him saying that majek’s music can be played in shrine and church mtchwwwww

  5. Daddy freeze has actually become Alot of people problems
    But Violence is never the solution

    Meanwhile Guys please 😂

    If you see a group of 4 girls and you want to talk to one, first greet the ugly one, Biko, she’s the commander in chief. 😂 😂

  6. So after buying #Groundnut this morning, with a big smile on my Face as I would murder it with #Gari and #Coldwater climbing through a stair-Case of 3rd Floor to my Room I just found out theres no #Gari in my #Kitchen bowls! This Disappointments must stop in this #2017 😰😓😓

  7. If you wish Christmas will be canceled because you don’t have money..

    Please raise your hands up, someone wants to know how many we are for a special package.


  8. Dem don dey bribe Una. Idiot broke ass, and all these ibroglio is out of context. Can they please show the world where it’s pointed out that tithe payment is ordered by GOD.

  9. The manager is hungry . we have taken note of what you said . let’s hear that any thing happens to daddy Freeze then we would come for you ..your lungs will be splashed right in front of your kids.

  10. Meanwhile that daddy freeze needs some real beating not Facebook fight..

    In one side he’s talking well in the other he’s talking rubbish, he needs a beating that will make him focus.

  11. Abeg manager do something fast and beat the hell out of him, because we Nigerians are tired of him criticizing pastors saying all those pastors with private jet to send down to Libya oya let me ask him once him volunteers to send maybe one or two young shall grow or even chisco bus na crime…. Jobless idiot…..

  12. Mumu,he had to come online to rant… Don’t you know exposing your plans to your enemy will only get them to prepare for you.. Now freeze will be contemplating suing you to court for threat of life

  13. We should always mind the type of electrical fittings specialist we give contracts.I don’t know if this guy was high on weed. ….until I came back home today to find this

  14. Someone asked ” Would it be considered right if the Pope should invite Lil Wayne to perform in a church just because he has done one particular song which is considered a Gospel song?”.

  15. Can someone educate this man that threaten violence against someone is tantamount to some jail term. U literally open your mouth to say You’ll beat him . Idiot keep implicating yourself .

  16. I will not support Freeze on this. Majek have song he can perform in the Church. One thing Freeze have to know God can still touch majek today and he can be a change person. I pray may almighty Lord bring back the real majek. So we can enjoy good music.I really Love this man. I feel for him sometimes

  17. The demons following daddy freeze will one of these days land him into some big time mess. They have gradually shifted his attention from pastor Adeboye and co, and are now leading him to enter some reggae man’s bloody territory.

    That he goat wey sabi enter people’s farm anyhow is about to enter into a shrine. And this time the chief priest knows how to handle such situation. Lol.

  18. Happening Now in ABA..!!!!!!

    There is confusion in front of crystal park junction . The vigilant security agents found two heads in a woman’s bag.

    A young girl, about 22 years old, got on a bike with a big handbag from ozubulu heading towards Aba park, the bike man felt a strong smell coming from her handbag. She
    claimed she was going to #Enitonia hotel to visit her friend whom she identified as Florence john.

    The horrible smell made the okada man suspicious who then used a horn signal to attract other okada riders. When she got to crystal park hotel, they held the girl, and beckoned on the vigilant group to search the girl’s bag.

    Many were frightened, not knowing what was happening. One of the security guys was shocked when he opened the 22-year-old girl’s bag and found two (2) heads. In examining them carefully, the authorities found that they
    were two known heads.

    It was a head of a garlic and the other of an almost rotten onion. Thank you very much for your attention. To those of you expecting it to be the head of somebody.. you better drop that character this 2017…

    Now you can continue what you were doing…

    Good gud morning…. I have fever

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