London Court Jails Five Nigerians For £610,000 Telephone Banking Fraud An Inner…


London Court Jails Five Nigerians For £610,000 Telephone Banking Fraud

An Inner London Crown Court has sentenced five Nigerians to various jail terms over the theft of £610,000 from business bank accounts.




  1. character is like a appears whenever a fire is burning!we have shamefully damaged our reputations at home and now by extention to the foreign lands! no wonder our foreign hosts dnt respect us any longer..a shame of a nation.its high time we imbibed the culture of honesty,transparency and contentment of the hearts.we should knw that its God who decides the affairs of man even if he lives in a rural areas.

  2. Oh my God! Why is it that it is very difficult to hear any good story of Nigerians from diaspora? All you will be hearing is malicious stories every day. From deaths of immigrants on the mediterenian to jail sentences. Nigeria is going to be a good place someday.

  3. Those commented negatively here has to be checked mentally cos there is symptoms of mental deterioration. Most of u didn’t read d content b4 u jump into conclusion. All what u knw is to type sumtin with low-level senses. Use social media positively and use data for reasonable thing. stop jingoism or chauvinism dat can drive nation into war. God bless Nigerians.

  4. Some fools here who sell roots under Lagos bridge, and some Alamajiris beggar’s who didn’t open the link are hear shouting Igbo’s. Idiot why not open the link and see their names? Plus your hatred and envy, no vex my brother, na – 5 Yoruba for una population.

  5. While alot of us are trying really Hard to make Nigeria better and look Good all over the World,these Useless fools are spoiling it and painting Nigeria in a Bad Image.I pray you Idiots rot in JAIL.AWON OMO ALE JATIJATI.

  6. Only £610k pls free them…billions you UK has been and still looting from Nigeria is not near ordinary £610k, i am talking about the ones our corrupt politicians is giiving them to keep

  7. Yoruba’s will never support bad things like you Igbo ,if this set of people are Igbo u are going to condemn the judgment, stop been tribalistic ,we are know Igbo’s are the father and president when it come to illegality, so shot your mouth, you fellas that talk trash about other tribes

  8. We yorubas are not biased the way ibos are! We condemn all forms of criminality in our fold.
    We do not treat our erring people with kid gloves..
    They are not all yorubas , the mensah isn’t Yoruba ,probably Ghanaian! But they are all bunch of misguided idiots who will have to face the music…

  9. What about our billions,and trillions of Pounds Nigeria Sovereign Oil wealth money illegally in British banks? This is a story where pot is calling kettle black. abeg make Britain leave our children jooor ! Na Britain put Nigeria into this economic mess we are in today. Western hypocrisy.

  10. I always say: Don’t play smart!
    Nobody’s a fool. 4 relatives + 1 standalone. Enjoy your jail terms.
    One by one, hand go touch all of una.
    Not long ago a Nigerian Lady Was jailed for trying to steal from a vulnerable 90 year old woman, and she even stabbed her in the throat.
    For those not yet caught, the hammer that will fall on you, is still swinging. It shall be a miserable moment for you and your likes.
    Just wait.

  11. If its here in Nigeria.. criticism will follow .! Later the issue will be turned to politics, religion and tribal..! People will be like “ buhari is trying to marginalize us & islamize the country.! We won’t accept it”..!

  12. Yes u can see why the country is not one, just for that fraudulent news the three tribes are mentioned. Each trying to defend their innocencecy. Even the angelic beings knows something is wrong with the country but WHO will SAY it.Watch & Pray for God Himself is watching.

  13. What does that teaches? Do you know 95 percent of our so called leaders are supposed to be behind bars as of this day? It’s only when token has been stolen that public get polluted with noise… This should have been a sign-on fee for them… They took after those guys in house representing their self…And mind you the faces you are seeing are just like the likes of Dino, deziani, faruk to mention few…the issue is that they want to live the way and walks in the path of their leaders… And if padi padi stuff called immunity has not been what more can we say?

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