Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. Introducing Alexis Sanchez… #A…


🎹 Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. Introducing Alexis Sanchez…




  1. At last united fans have somtheing to cheer about… but it will never cahnge a thing. They brought pogba, lukaku, matic now alexis… infact they can have messi and ronaldo, it is still going to be the sam😅😅😅😅😆

  2. Well in my humble opinion, without the desire to offend those who think different from my point of view, but looking at it in depth, taking into account the characteristics of each person, the biological construction and physical ability I honestly think… I forgot what i was going to say.

  3. Conor Paul – this is so sad. I’m sure the fact he is earning double everyone else’s wages will help to create an atmosphere of unity and togetherness in the dressing room too!

  4. Maybe it was the best for all sides after all-Mikhi deserved more playing time that he wasn’t getting from Mourinho whereas Alexis wasn’t happy with Wenger.Arsenal would have lost a valuable asset for zero money in summer whereas now both teams have acquired players that they wanted for quite some time.I’m going to miss Sanchez from Arsenal but it’s good that he is staying at the Premier League,let’s what Mkhitaryan can bring.

  5. I can totally understand him why he left. He expected more from Wenger and whole club but they couldn’t provide bigger players and at the moment Utd is in much better shape. Good luck to him and lets see what will happen in the future. Btw Im Arsenal fan COYG!

  6. The club owners should open their big foking eyes and for once see that it does not matter what players we bring to the club,it wont make fokol difference we need a new manager that is not affraid to attack the teams instead of sitting back and waiting for a ball!united has amoung the best players in the world but their talent is being wasted by a dumb manager thats killing the style united use to play!MOURINHO THE FOK OUT…..

  7. Such a fuss for one player, they even made a short movie about it. So sad that this is becoming a tendency. First Inrahimovic, then Pogba, cheering players as if they’ve played in the team for years and have won number of trophies. As a matter of fact there was noise about the arrival of Mkhitarian too, but look at the disrespectful exit he got as reward. It is disturbing the way the team is evolving after the retirement of the great Scot and it is more disturbing that so many fans are happy with it. I am starting to wonder who are the noisy neighbours now, because we are making such a noise with every signing as if we have just won the Champions League.

  8. 300-400k a week!!! Premier league, FA, FIFA.

    For the sake of football. Stop these ridiculous, over priced transfers and demanding spoilt players before there is no one who can afford to watch them at the stadium.

    So much money pumped into football, now you can see why scandals start!!

    One weeks wages could supply how many defibrillators for grassroot football teams.

  9. He just came to Man utd because he was so surprised there was still one idiotic team who was ready to pay him such a huge salary. He’s gonna have the same unfruitful stint Di Maria had at man utd and he’s gonna park the bus till he retires :p

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