Katsina Governor Fires Education Commissioner Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina …


Katsina Governor Fires Education Commissioner

Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina State has relieved the Commissioner for Education, Prof. Halimatu Idris, of her appointment with immediate effect.

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  1. I think its high time the professor stop getting apointment as commissioner under the governor see now Aminu Masari with just ordinary Deploma certificate fire a whole professor its a shame and disgrace to professor.

  2. just imagine this imbecile, if not for democracy and the useless set of youths we’ve this days is this old God forsaken man worthy to be a common councillor not to talk of sacking a professor,we really have to wake up some of this animals are not worth it.

  3. How does that change the Killings of the Fulani herdsmen terrorist.

    Is there anything happening in Kastina State..
    Despite is the President Buhari home State.

    If he likes, he can sacked his entire cabinet.
    What difference does it make.

    Same thing with his brother at the Federal level.

  4. The professor that accepted appointments in the first place should know that the job is not for life. He can be fired at any time. U people like bringing sentiment into everything

  5. I didn’t blame the governor Aminu masari but I blame the professors by supporting the secondary to control them like animals, the plan evil against gooodluck Jonathan in 2015 and this is the first results

  6. I read the official statement of the Katsina State governor and I’m shocked.Relieved her of her duties because you want to bring in the politicians?This is why Nigeria isn’t working!Sacking a professor and a technocrat to give way to mediocre thugs?Nigeria can’t continue like this.

  7. Allah sarki ma prof…..take hrt…tnk god dt u r a prof in ur field…go bck 2 classrum nd aprc8 d almighty GOD 4 given u d oppnity 2 serve ur state nd father land….Gov masari pls note among ur serving commissnrs nw…wi ve dso dt r as uselez as wht ever u can nt tink of….parking d states money busy buiding house nd farmhouse here in kt….go to ajiwa in btg l.g behind gdss ajw nd c 4 ur self sir….

  8. Fayose is a Diploma holder and a Governor in a state with the highest number of Professors. Are Trump or Bill Gates graduates? He hired and fired her, simple. May Nigeria be great soonest, aminnnnnnnn

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